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Aug 17, 2012 09:09 AM

Lone Pine to Carson City - Where to eat dinner?

We are leaving Lone Pine about 3 in the afternoon, so it's probably a little early for the Still Life Cafe :( Any recommendations father up 395? Bridgeport? Carson City? Thanks!

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  1. Wow...mostly a culinary wasteland, especially around dinner time. If you're leaving Lone Pine around 3, you'll be in Gardnerville around 7 or so, in which case you could hit JT Basque Bar & Dining Room. The food is ok, service is friendly and efficient, and prices aren't astronomical. I hear the roasted chicken w/ garlic is good, but I'd stay away from the lamb chops, because the last time we were there, they chops were tasty but overcooked and dry. It's not the best Basque food I've ever had, but it's far from the worst, too. (Be mindful of the Nevada Highway Patrol, too!)

    1. I've mentioned in Lone Pine the Mt. Whitney cafe/restaurant. but if you're leaving from there you probably won't be hungry. yep slim pickens on that particular drive is correct.

      1. Whoa Nellie Deli in Lee Vining, hands down.

        Maybe you'll score and it'll be a live music night! This place is amazing.

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          Don't know if you've been to Whoa Nellie Deli recently, but the chef has changed; Tioga Toomey is now at Toomey's in Mammoth Lakes: That said, WND isn't planning to change their menu.

          1. re: Steve Green

            Oh no! I didn't know - it's been a couple years since I headed that way. Thanks for the heads up.