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Aug 17, 2012 08:47 AM

Oursins (sea urchins)

Is there anywhere in Boston or Cambridge that serves sea urchins in their shells?

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  1. I've had them at Oishii (Newton one) before-- but only particular times of the year-- I believe that when it was in the shell, they were shipped in live from California or something. We were at the bar and trying as many sea urchins we could get our hands on that day--a little nuts, but really delicious!

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      Been to Oishii in Newton 200 times...never seen it serve in shell!:(

    2. I've hat it at both Oya and Uni, served in the shell. Call for the Santa Barbara season. I;ve bought live Maine urchin at New Deal and at Happy Family in Chinatown. I prefer SB to MEand it's primarily SB that's offfered live at restaurants

      The "best" comes from Japan but is very expensive (2-3x) SB and I haven't had it but the owner at Sakanaya (another source) didn't think it was worth the price differential and didn't carry it cuz he couldn't sell it.

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        Earlier this year we did a side by side tasting of fresh uni out of the shell from Japan (2 types: Hokkaido & Kyushu), Santa Barbara and Maine. The Maine uni was interesting to me as I've never had it. It was a bit more briny, but ultimately didn't measure up taste and consistency wise. All of the Santa Barbara and Japanese uni were excellent that evening, but we actually preferred the Santa Barbara. The chef nodded and told us that had been the consensus recently. This was back in January, so it may have been seasonal. I certainly wouldn't refuse any of them in the future.

      2. Two weeks ago I was in Sendai, Japan and was treated to a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Sendaihan. There were 14 people and numerous kaiseki (seasonal) courses but one of the absolute stand outs was the fresh Hokkaido Uni right from the shell. It was served along with an equally fresh raw Japanese prawn. Picture attached. The entire dinner was served with an amazing selection of the best sakes from that region was a true culinary experience. I'm just thankful that I wasn't the person picking up the tab because at 78 Japanese yen to the US$ this dinner would cost over $400.00 per person .

        1. i've had it at clio, uni and neptune oyster. local urchin is available, but not at its best until fall.