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Aug 17, 2012 07:58 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in New Orleans - May 10th 2013 - Need Suggestions

I'm organizing a rehearsal dinner for Friday May 10th and I've contacted several restaurants with private rooms (Muriels, August, Calcasieu, Nola, Le Foret). I am looking for a room that can accommodate up to 80 seated guests and looking to spend around $100 (or less preferably) per person including open bar. I am not from the area so I wanted to make sure I'm not missing any restaurants in the French Quarter/Warehouse District. I would also consider something more casual and fun but I can't seem to find that either. Any suggestions would be appreciate! Thanks!

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  1. Of the old guard, Antoines's, Arnaud's, Galatoire's and Commander's all have rooms that could accomodate your group. I suggest that you look into Galvez,
    it is the only restaurant that has a view of the river and an outdoor space to enjoy the view. Had a family wedding reception there and it was delightful and the food was delicious.

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      I was trying to think if that upstair's room at the front of Galatoire's would hold 80 comfortably but they could tell the OP in a second. Rex Room at Antoine's should hold that with the usual U-shaped table. what I am wondering, though, is if an open bar would work at the $100 mark. Say an entree is $25, a good appetizer at $10-$12, salad at, what, $5/6? Two stiff drinks at $8/9, wine is gonna jack it up in a hurry. Next thing you know you are at $70 plus tax = `80 + 20% tip and there you are. Any deviation is going to push it over. But, of course, they have banquet menus.

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        Thanks. The bride didn't like Arnaud's and I looked into Antoine's and Galatoire's but there was something I didn't like about them. I kind of want something a bit different than a place that does big group dinners every weekend. I'd be happy with a more casual place that can do a buyout for $10K but not sure if I can find one for that price.

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          I have a friend who did a buyout of Galatoire's (on a Monday as I recall) for his daughter's Carnival deal...if I can find him I'll see how much it was.

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            I had my wife’s 40th bday party at Muriel’s. It was really perfect for the occassion. I highly recommend it. If you want something inexpensive and casual, try Ernst Cafe.

      2. Just thought about Broussard's on Conti. Large dining room that opens out onto a lovely
        courtyard. Might work.

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          Sorry. Did not see this rec., until I had posted, but had a great event for 250 at Broussard's, not that long ago. I need to give you a +1 from me.


        2. Have you tried Napoleon House? Although it was 10 yrs ago, I had my rehearsal dinner there with mostly out of town guests and a few locals - everyone loved it...we're a casual bunch, though. Prices were the best I could find with a variety of food for everyone plus open a private upstairs room.

          1. Check out Mother's. Heard about a room (not sure about the size, may be too large) they use for private parties, Mothers Next Door. Would fit the bill for New Orleans food, casual atmosphere and fun.

            1. Not sure what their largest group size is, but casual, fun and good food on Magazine Street just up from Washington Avenue (Garden District) is Joey K's. Really good food, really low key.