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Aug 17, 2012 07:42 AM

ISO Padron Peppers

Is this even sold here? JTM?

I planted my own (but a bit too late) in June, so I'm afraid I will get no harvest (my other chili plant is doing really well with lotsa peppers.

What's a good substitute? I was thinking jalapenos with the seeds removed mixed with some poblano. But ideally I want to grill them and toss'em with salt.

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  1. I heard Birri at JTM had some Padron peppers. I like the sound of your substitute. The internet suggest shishito peppers, if you can find them.

    1. Birri had some two weeks ago. Better to ask them though, they are probably hidden somewhere out of plain sight.

      1. I was at the restaurant Biarritz last week and they had them on the menu. I love those peppers!

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        1. re: jay_81k

          Thanks! I'll try my luck at Birri.

        2. Just letting you know that I did buy some at Birri last weekend. I love'm!