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Aug 17, 2012 07:06 AM

Goat Dishes in Boston

Hello board. I am interested in trying to find dishes that use goat meat in the Boston or near Boston area. The best answer would be a Vietnamese goat curry called de xao lan, but any other will do as well.


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  1. Kantin in the Super 88 food court (Allston) has a traditional Cantonese stewed goat dish, complete with a little plastic cup of authentic sauce made from authentically stanky fermented tofu.

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      1. re: Luther

        Is that goat or lamb? I'm not sure I know the difference in written Chinese.

          1. re: KWagle

            There isn't a generally a distinction between goat and lamb in written Chinese.

            1. re: rlee21

              I often see 山羊 on menus, which Google thinks is goat (and other sources lead me to concur.)

        1. And keeping with the goat theme, for dessert I recommend the goat cheese brownie ice cream at Toscanini's!

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          1. Goat Haleem at Darbar, Curried goat with pigeon peas and rice from Flames, Korean Goat from the Westborough Korean Restaurant (I haven't had this but dying to try), Goat biryani from Biryani House (Malden).

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            1. re: gourmaniac

              Oh yeah! I have never had goat haleem, that just has to be awesome. What about goat nihari? Have you ever seen that? That would be a dream dish. Great recs, thanks!

              1. re: sekelmaan

                the goat haleem is amazing! so rich and calorious, it's even better the next day when the flavors have melded (sorta like lasagna).

                sometimes they've told me it's beef. i would ask.

                1. re: Prav

                  Always good to axe at Darbar. They have a number of goat dishes, including goat nihari and goat paya, when it's available. If you're really set on it, just call them in advance, and they'll be sure to have it. They once told me they were fresh out of brains and then a guy ran out the back and re-appeared with brains lickity split.

              2. re: gourmaniac

                I second the recommendation for the Black Goat Stew (also called "nutritious casserole") at the Westborough Korean Restaurant, and for the Goat Biryani at Biryani Park in Malden (which I had again last night).

              3. Curry goat from Ali's Roti in Roxbury / Mattapan
                Birria (in dry/stew form or soupy form) from Taqueria Mexico in Waltham
                Nepali goat curry from Kathmandu Spice
                Nigerian jalloff rice with goat meat, at Suya Joint in Roslindale

                1. The goat stew at Highland Kitchen is a mainstay.

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                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    Curry Goat Stew at the Silk Road BBQ "truck" is quite tasty too.

                      1. re: Bob Dobalina

                        Highland Kitchen's goat stew is awesome!