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Goat Dishes in Boston

Hello board. I am interested in trying to find dishes that use goat meat in the Boston or near Boston area. The best answer would be a Vietnamese goat curry called de xao lan, but any other will do as well.


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  1. Kantin in the Super 88 food court (Allston) has a traditional Cantonese stewed goat dish, complete with a little plastic cup of authentic sauce made from authentically stanky fermented tofu.

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      1. re: Luther

        Is that goat or lamb? I'm not sure I know the difference in written Chinese.

          1. re: KWagle

            There isn't a generally a distinction between goat and lamb in written Chinese.

            1. re: rlee21

              I often see 山羊 on menus, which Google thinks is goat (and other sources lead me to concur.)

        1. And keeping with the goat theme, for dessert I recommend the goat cheese brownie ice cream at Toscanini's!

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          1. Goat Haleem at Darbar, Curried goat with pigeon peas and rice from Flames, Korean Goat from the Westborough Korean Restaurant (I haven't had this but dying to try), Goat biryani from Biryani House (Malden).

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              Oh yeah! I have never had goat haleem, that just has to be awesome. What about goat nihari? Have you ever seen that? That would be a dream dish. Great recs, thanks!

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                the goat haleem is amazing! so rich and calorious, it's even better the next day when the flavors have melded (sorta like lasagna).

                sometimes they've told me it's beef. i would ask.

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                  Always good to axe at Darbar. They have a number of goat dishes, including goat nihari and goat paya, when it's available. If you're really set on it, just call them in advance, and they'll be sure to have it. They once told me they were fresh out of brains and then a guy ran out the back and re-appeared with brains lickity split.

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                I second the recommendation for the Black Goat Stew (also called "nutritious casserole") at the Westborough Korean Restaurant, and for the Goat Biryani at Biryani Park in Malden (which I had again last night).

              3. Curry goat from Ali's Roti in Roxbury / Mattapan
                Birria (in dry/stew form or soupy form) from Taqueria Mexico in Waltham
                Nepali goat curry from Kathmandu Spice
                Nigerian jalloff rice with goat meat, at Suya Joint in Roslindale

                1. The goat stew at Highland Kitchen is a mainstay.

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                    Curry Goat Stew at the Silk Road BBQ "truck" is quite tasty too.

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                        Highland Kitchen's goat stew is awesome!

                      2. There's a stewed goat at Izzy's in Cambridge too, but it's not a daily item. They have a number of "specials" on certain days of the week, so you would need to check which day the stewed goat is offered.

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                          The stewed goat at Izzy's is a favorite of ours, more so in the winter months. A lunch of stewed goat, rice, beans and plantains (both sweet and salty) at Izzy's is a treat.

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                            that stewed goat at Izzy's is a really nice, hearty lunch. I love when that is on the menu...

                          2. Spicy Coconut Curried Goat Stew at Highland Kitchen.
                            Goat Curry (bone-in) at India Quality (available at lunch, too).
                            You will be pleased.

                            1. I am definitely pleased. I can't believe that there are so many great responses.

                              Thank you very much!

                              1. Goat curry roti at One Love in Woo.

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                                  I had their goat curry at their stand at the Brimfield Fair, and it was indeed excellent. The coconut cake was so so good, too. Super friendly proprietress!

                                2. Mannish Water (Goat Head Soup) at Lorenz Island Kuisine.

                                  1. goat stew at d'leomar in lynn
                                    goat curry at india quality in boston
                                    lau de (goat hot pot) at pho 88 in lowell
                                    birria de chivo (goat birria) at taqueria mexico in waltham
                                    goat curry, devilled goat, and goat biryani at biryani park in malden
                                    goat chops, haleem, nihari, paya, and karahi gosht at darbar in brighton
                                    housemade pasta with goat ragu at pizzeria posto in cambridge
                                    stewed goat at izzy's in cambridge
                                    curried goat at jamaica's flavor in lynn
                                    goat stew at miami restaurante in jamaican plain
                                    stewed goat at camie's in cambridge
                                    tassot (fried goat) at highland creole cuisine in somerville
                                    mbuzi (goat stew) at karibu in waltham
                                    goat curry at bombay mahal in waltham

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                                    1. Nearly every curry at Shanti in Dorchester is gettable with goat...

                                      1. Just happened to try the creole goat at highland creole today. Really delicious red/brown gravy with melting goat. Lots of bones to suck. Huge mound of rice and beans and a couple of fried plantains for ten bucks. Recommend!

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                                          That's the thing about boning a goat, if you do, there's nothing left to suck...

                                        2. We are finally moved out here. Yay! We got out to Dorchester last weekend and tried Shanti. We had the goat curry and the lamb tikka masala. The curry was excellent. I think it could have been bolder, more fragrant, but it was an excellent curry. The lamb tikka masala was great too. I have never had it with lamb and we really enjoyed it.

                                          I also just realized that one of the recommendations is for Super 88. I will have to find Kantin. I had some awesome and super spicy som tum today for lunch, talk about spicy!

                                          I'll keep reporting my finds.


                                          1. Goat vindaloo at Super 88 was awesome. An excellent and fiery dish. They also served us the worst chicken tikka masala I have ever had. It was watery and bland and it had huge pre-cooked squares of chicken in it, a dreadful dish.

                                            Next door at the Korean place we also had an amazing spicy squid and pork belly. It came with rice and a little pickled bean sprouts. It was rich and spicy and a little sweet and salty. A great balanced dish.

                                            1. You miss goat meat? Darbur in Brighton has excellent Pakistani food and a number of goat dishes.

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                                              1. re: fara

                                                Awesome. This is what I really love. Thanks!

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                                                  We rocked Darbar today for lunch. Goat karahi, beef nihari and goat paya. All three were excellent. I think it is one of the better nihari's I have had, rich and spicy. The karahi was also outstanding, I got two marrow bones! I brought home a goat foot paya for dinner. It smells amazing. Great rec, thank you!

                                                2. Just tried the Goat Biryani at Biryani Park. Neither too dry nor too greasy and just the right amount of heat. Excellent.

                                                  1. The Saturday-only Haitian goat's head soup at La Pearle in Everett. A delicious big bowl of tender bony goat meat, potatoes and other vegetables, and dumplings. Not spicy. It's really popular and sells out, regulars call and reserve in advance.

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                                                      1. re: Aromatherapy

                                                        Just last night, my cabbie declared La Pearle's bouillon to be among the top 5 in town. Now having heard about it twice in 12 hours, I'm putting it in the top 5 of my priority list.

                                                        1. re: Aromatherapy

                                                          another recommendation for the bouillon tête cabrit (goat head soup) at la perle in everett. tender chunks of bone-in goat meat, whole potatoes, green plantain, carrots, and handmade dumplings in a super delicious broth

                                                          1. re: galangatron

                                                            This is killin me. I will be out of town for the next two saturdays! Nooo!!!

                                                          2. re: Aromatherapy

                                                            The soup was so rich & just loved the dumplings that reminded me of large firmer rice sticks. Added some of the vinegar from the accompanying little cups julienned hot peppers for some bite & tang. Will definitely revisit for the soup & try some of the stewed items, as went too overboard with fried ones.

                                                          3. I went to Mela in the South End a couple weeks back. I was afraid that it was going to be too "americanized", but I had an awesome goat curry there. They had lots of nice long bones filled with marrow. It was something special.

                                                            1. Punjab Palace in Allston (up the street from the 88) does a great job with goat.

                                                              1. Tried Singh's Cafe in Swellsley. I didn't expect much, but I was contentedly in the wrong. We had a very good meal as well as an off menu goat curry which was excellent, the only problem being that it was a little toothsome. I'd definitely give it a go if you are in the burbs.

                                                                1. Somali rice with goat at Ashur Restaurant in Roxbury. Make sure you get the spicy sauce on the side. And a banana. So delicious.


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                                                                  1. re: dulce de leche

                                                                    Is it a special? I can't find it on the menu - only lamb.

                                                                    1. re: Prav

                                                                      Punjab in Arlington does goat versions of all their curries. I had a vindaloo there a couple of years ago that was excellent.

                                                                      1. re: Prav

                                                                        That menu has only a passing resemblance to what I've had from there. (My husband gets it carry out.) I think it's one of those places you go and ask what they have that day? The hot sauce I like is pinkish and creamy, usually they also have a green one that looks like pureed jalapenos. If you go and can't get it, let me know and I'll get you the right words....

                                                                    2. This is a little north of Boston, but Rite Spice Caribbean in Lynn has goat currey.

                                                                      1. Last weekend, my family and I had a delicious bone-in goat curry at Sher-a-Punjab in Quincy. I've been very happy with my meals there, and the staff have been wonderful too, but this dish stood out even from other good lamb and chicken curries ordered. Would highly recommend.