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Aug 17, 2012 06:52 AM

Clients in town last minute - need creative suggestion

Hello, I have clients in town unexpectedly next Thursday night and am taking them out. 8 people and they'd love to do something like a mixology class or something a little different than just dinner. Any suggestions? Or, open to dinner venues (anywhere in Manhattan) that we'd probably get in at this point with 8 people and are in a great setting. Thanks!

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  1. What's your budget? Maybe the Cupola at the NoMad Rooftop?

    I see a Bo Ssam available at Momofuku Ssam at 5pm for next Thursday on their site.

    Ma Peche also is showing some available slots for their large format meals (Chicken and Rice, Lamb and Rice).

    It might be a bit last minute but you could see if you could get the chef's table at either The Breslin or The John Dory.

    DBGB and Maialino also both do a suckling pig feast for big groups.

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      Thank you, Kathryn! Looking into all of these as we speak!

      1. ICE Culinary has recreational cooking classes that are very good and at the end you have a wonderful feast of delicious dishes that everyone cooked up (along with some wine!). It's a great activity for groups but the classes are around 3 hours long and around $100 per person. But it's a lot of fun, it's something different, and I recommend any class taught by Chef Peter Berley.