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Aug 17, 2012 04:51 AM

Favorite uses for your Mandolin?

After borrowing my MIL's Martha Stewart mandolin to make dill pickle slices, I went out and bought a Benriner. It's fantastic---love the adjustment screws vs. the plates which jump around on cheaper models.

Just to make sure it doesn't get pushed to the back of the cupboard, what is your favourite use for your mandolin?

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  1. I've used mine to mainly chop potato into wither thin enough slices to make chips or to make thicker medallions that are uniformed in thickness. One dish I make involves using those medallions to make a dish that resembles a deconstructed hasselback potato.

    1. II use mine to make cucumber tea sandwiches, Julia's potato au gratin and Calabacitas - a south of the border dish with thinly sliced squashes and onion. Mine is an Oxo but I have a little plastic mandolin from Ming's Kitchen too. They were dueling Christmas presents one year.

      1. Cutting my fingers lol... shaved fennel salad has got to be the one thing I come back to my mandolin for time and again, shaved beet salad too

        1. I have an inexpensive one... Mouli,I think. It has 3 inserts for different cuts... 2 are double sided. Does 3 thicknesses of plain slices... from relatively thin to paper thin!?! Does a julienne and what I call a french fry cut. Have had it for years and STILL use the guard thingie... really sharp, for being probably $15 or so.

          I like it for slicing cucumbers for a salad or pickles. Wouldn't use anything else to slice potatoes & onions for gratin/scallop.

          1. I just have a V-Slicer from the fair, but I use it a lot. Most recently, for cole slaw (I like the cabbage really fine). Great for bread and butter pickles once I have "too" many cucumbers and zucchini. Can't make scalloped potatoes (or gratin or Jansen's Temptation) without it.

            Really like the fine julienne blade for zucchini that I am going to saute quickly, not as fine as grating, but fine enough to saute in about 1 minute. Also great for radishes, makes a really pretty addition to a salad with little red-tipped matchsticks.