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Aug 16, 2012 09:25 PM

early dinner in Federal Hill/Locust Point on Saturday

We're heading up from DC to Fort McHenry for the Twilight Tatoo on Saturday evening and would like to have a really good, very early (4:30/5) dinner with our two kids. Pretty much any cuisine is fine, and our kids are great in restaurants, so we don't need "kid" places. Casual and relatively quick would be ideal. Thanks!

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  1. You could try Babas Kitchen on Fort Avenue, so not far from Fort McHenry. Solid but not outstanding falafel, hummus, kabobs, etc. Reasonably priced.

        1. re: jeninfocus

          I find Bluegrass a little spotty, but usually enjoy most of it.

        2. In that area with kids I would definitely suggest Hersh's. great pizza and pasta and kids are very welcome but def. does not have the "kid" place vibe. yummy desserts too.

          1. Close to Ft McHenry is Miguel's at Silo Point for good Mexican & (weather permitting) outdoor seating with a harbor view.

            1. Thanks, everyone. We went to Hersh's and really enjoyed it!