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Amalfi-Siena-Rome Road Trip - Aug. 22 to Sep. 2 - Comments?

JohnnyGe Aug 16, 2012 08:00 PM

OK, have planned this trip based on comments and ideas from CHs on this board and others, so comments or red flags anyone?

Day 1 Positano - Dinner at Buca di Bacco
Day 2 Positano - Lunch at Il San Pietro, Dinner at Hosteria Il Pino
Day 3 Positano - Dinner at Da Vincenzo
Day 4 Capri - Lunch at Geranio
Day 5 Positano - Dinner at Terraze dell'incanto
Day 6 on the road - Orvieto Lunch at I Sette Consoli, Dinner at Osteria la Botte in Vagliagli
Day 7 Monteriggiioni - Lunch at Ristorante da Remo, Dinner in Monteaperti at Fattoria Le Pietre Vive
Day 8 Fonterutilo - Lunch at Osteria di Fonterutoli, Diner in Villa a Sesta at L'Asinello Ristorante
Day 9 on the road - Montepulciano lunch at La Grotta, Rome dinner at Osteria Barberini
Day 10 Rome Lunch at Osteria La Gensola, DInner at Crispi 19

Too much? not enough??

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  1. vinoroma Aug 16, 2012 10:37 PM

    Rome: never even heard of osteria barberini and crispi. But crispi seems to be a fish restaurant, are you sure you want to have two fish meals in one day? In rome, after being in positano? Also, which weekday will that be?

    1. minchilli Aug 20, 2012 01:52 AM

      As for Rome, I've never heard of Crispi or Osteria Barberini.

      And since you ask...yes, too much! Unless you are coming ONLY to spend your time eating, it seems like maybe you've over scheduled yourself. You seem to be planning huge lunches and dinners every day.. At some point I think you're just not going to be hungry, and so not enjoy your meals as much.

      For instance in Positano, since you'll be on the water anyway, it might be better to have a lighter lunch on the beach. I think gmcquireinrome has provided the links to Adolfo and Ferdinando. Both are incredibly good restaurants on two different beaches in Positano. There you can have a great meal, but maybe one that's a bit lighter? Like insalata di mare or panzanella?

      For dinner in Positano I just had a wonderful meal at Bar Bruno. Great home made pastas, but also a drop dead view. Very unpretentious, and great prices.


      1. minchilli Aug 20, 2012 01:53 AM

        And here follows the link to Gillian's write up of some great places to eat in Positano:


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