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Aug 16, 2012 07:42 PM

Community Table, Washington, CT

Has anyone been here? It was recommended by a chef of a restaurant I frequent. Menu looks very nice, chef worked at Noma, but yelp reviews lean toward really mixed reviews on service. Any recommendations for dishes from recent meals here?

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  1. It is fabulous - I can speak for the stonington scallops with kale, the braised rabbit and the bibb salad. The food is beautiful prepared and features combinations of flavors, textures and colors. The service and the wine list are terrific.

    1. Bumping an old thread. Has anyone visited Community Table since chef Viehland left?

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        I was there last year, when both Joel Viehland and Marcell Davidsen were at the helm. We were served the tasting menu, and, there was not one course that wasn't presented beautifully and blew our minds with the flavors...right down to the desserts. I am in no way worried about the future of CT, under Marcell's reign. He is every bit creative and talented as a chef, at any level!