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Aug 16, 2012 07:25 PM

Good restaurants in or near Rancho Cordova?

I just moved to RC and the restaurants are deeply depressing. Any recommendations for tasty, healthy food? Fair Oaks is close enough too.

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  1. Wow! Really really nothing?? Maybe good pizza at least?

    1. Good pizza is at Romas at Watt and Folsom Blvd. Best pizza in Sacramento IMO. Not really Rancho Cordova but close enough.

      Brookfields at Sunrise and Folsom is a great diner place. Spendier than most but good stuff.

      Samurai Sushi at Hazel and Folsom has had some poor Yelp reviews.LOUD.

      Not far from there (ON Hazel across the river), Mikuni's is great. LOUD LOUD LOUD
      and huge rolls. Most consider Mikuni to be the best sushi in the Sacramento area.

      Icki Machi, right by Sheepherders is nice sushi. Not much for atmosphere. but fresh fish and not as ARGGGGGG! as Mikuni or Samurai.

      One of my favorites, Jack's Urban Eats is in the shopping center on Sunrise (the same one with the Outback). Incredible casual food. Love the salads and the tri tip sand

      The Sheepherders (Folsom and Sunrise) is probably your best dining option.

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      1. re: bennyboy1

        Also, in the same shopping center with Jacks. is Il Forno Classico. Amazing Italian food. Casual, but excellent.

        And, to be inclusive: There is a Cattlemans at Hazel that is exactly like every other Cattlemans.

        And, if you have never been and have family coming, The Old Spaghetti Factory (Hazel) is fun if not very "Foodie" Wonderful decor, cheap Italian but okay, nothing more.

        Also at Hazel and Folsom is the venerable Rudy's Hideaway. Lobster always, Ads in the Sac Bee all the time. Old School as it gets. Like the 60's but it is always packed and everyone loves the lobster.

        1. re: bennyboy1

          Bennyboy1, have you eaten at Sheepherders, Catlemans, or Rudy's recently, so you could compare them to what they once were?

          1. re: BN1

            In the last couple of years I have. Sheepherders is a bit more cuisine than the soup tureen style it was back in it's heyday. More inventive certainly. Not the meat and potatoes style as before.

            And Rudy's is the exact same as it always was. Lobster, salad and that great bread they have always had. Steak, old school (that is why The last five times I visited, I was with someone over 70).
            And Cattleman not in quite a while at this one in particular but at the one in Dixon and it too was exactly as I remembered.

            1. re: bennyboy1

              Thanks for the response, it may help when I’m in the area at the Folsom Costco for wine. I’ve wanted to try Rudy’s but saw massive downhill reports on another site. I believe I’ve eaten at all of the Cattlemens except Livermore over the years. I thought the now-closed Carson City location was the best. Currently, I like the one in Redding. I use these restaurants as fallback when traveling. Sadly, both my wife and I have noticed a distinct decline in the quality of the meat at all locations in recent visits and probably will not return.

              1. re: BN1

                Well if you are in Folsom there are a lot better options than Cattleman's...... The steak house is excellent. Sam Hornes is great and if the Bistro ever opens up that will be excellent as well.

                1. re: bennyboy1

                  Thanks for the heads-up on Sam Hornes. There is no danger of me darkening the door of the Folosm Blvd. Cattlemens' location. 20+ plus years ago, the seater wanted to fight me in the dining room over my objections about leaving my wife and I at the bar for over 2 hours despite my repeated request for seating at one of the open tables. To this day, I regret not accommodating him, but I was so shocked that I let it go.

                2. re: BN1

                  I have been to Rudy's years ago and was not impressed.
                  Big, hunkin' lobsters with gobs of butter are not my bag, I prefer flavor over quantity and like more ambiance, any kind of ambiance, the interior of Rudy's always reminded me of a trailer.

                  1. re: marion l.

                    Nobody is impressed with Rudy's yet they pack the place every night. Lobster. Only reason to go. And there aren't many lobster options around Sac anymore that aren't $$$$..

        2. Don't live there, but we visit that area quite a bit, so are always looking for new places.

          But from our experiences, for sushi, would recommend Samurai Sushi over Mikuni's by a lot. We ate there once, due to the amount of praise it gets, and were not impressed at all, with either the quality of the fish or the restaurant as a whole. Samurai Sushi, on the other hand, has been consistently good. You may want to note though that no one in our party ever eats any of the special rolls. Rather we stick to basic sashimi or sushi, so the quality of the ingredients is the most important thing.

          Went once to Sheepherder's once. Would never, ever, go back. Suffice it to say, our meal there was a comedy of errors. If you were there a long time ago, I believe, the restaurant changed owners at the end of last year, so it may have been better before then.

          We have been to Il Forno several times, but I think it has gone way downhill. Some appetizers, their bread, their tomato soup, and salads remain ok, but that's all. For Italian, drive a little further and try Domenico's in Granite Bay. We have had better luck there, though someone who knows the Sacramento are might have better recommendations than this. They also have good deli for lunch.

          Hope this helps.

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          1. re: cometraveler

            I believe you are referring to Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli in Granite Bay, a truly wonderful deli & restaurant. They carry a few excellent wines at a good price too. I see from the website that they have opened a location in Folsom. I can hardly go the Granite Bay store because it is so close to the old site of Granito’s and Lester’s cooking, which I miss horribly.

            1. re: BN1

              The Folsom Dominicks is not like the Granite Bay version. Close but not the same kind of feeling. Still pretty awesome pizza, strombolie tc..

              And Sam Hornes is the best 10 dollar meals in Sac. the bleu cheese fries are amazing. the burgers are great as well and the blue plates are always pretty inventive. Not to mention the 20 rotating taps of the best microbrews from everywhere. Happy hour deal on beer and food too.

            2. re: cometraveler

              Okay there is no decent or chow worthy places in Rancho Cordova. Saying that, there are few anywhere in the area including midtown.

              I can say however that in Fair Oaks Village is Carmelita's and they do have the best chicken enchiladas I ever tasted.

              Also La Boheme is in Fair Oaks (Fair Oaks Blvd) was great if a bit old schoolish when I was there last (been a while)/ The YELP reviews are mixed on this place.

              And let's not forget the Sunflower Drive in (Fair Oaks and Fair Oaks). Veggie fast food. The Nutty tacos rage.

              And I haven't visited these places but people are talking about them.

              Mirrabelle, Winding and San juan. Desserts and food people seem to really like. Neighborhood place, Crepes, omlettes....
              And on Sunset and Hazel, is Maranello. Another neighborhood place that people are raving about locally.

              If I lived in Rancho I would be in Folsom mostly for food. Bidwell street Bistro. Sam Hotrnes Tavern, The Steakhouse on Sutter Street. . Pizzeria Classico and for Chicago style people love Chicago Fire ( I am not one of them however). Lot os wind tasting rooms, tea houses etc on the street.

              On the lower buildings from Sutter Street is Karen's bakery an amazing and a very bike friendly place.

              I would avoid the Bistro on Sutter street (La Petite) and Hop Sings (horrible old school chop suey)

              1. re: bennyboy1

                My mother lives in Fair Oaks, and we recently had brunch at Maranello (Sunset and Hazel). It was delicious. Many of the items were fairly standard brunch items (Eggs benedict, etc.) but well executed. We shared a large fruit plate for the table, and the quality and presentation were a nice change from most fruit plates. I had the chicken in a biscuit, panko breaded chicken fingers, biscuits, and milk gravy that I would go back for. All in all, a good find. I would definitely try lunch or dinner there next time I am visiting.

                1. re: bennyboy1

                  Come on Bennyboy, you have left out all of the interesting Korean eateries on Folsom Blvd.
                  Korea House and Pine Tree House being two of my very favorite places to go.

                  1. re: marion l.

                    I don't know about the Korean eateries, so can't tell anyone about them. glad you did.

                    And good to see you Marion, hope all is well with you.

                    1. re: bennyboy1

                      I am doing fine, thanks for asking, still going to NO frequently.
                      How about you?
                      As much as you like good food, give these Korean restaurants a try, you will like it.

                      1. re: marion l.

                        Things are okay. Still taking care of my Mom which is low pay, long hours and very frustrating. I ahve managed to get to Fest a couple of times in the past. I love the train.

                    2. re: marion l.

                      Quite a few interesting Korean places on Folsom Blvd. Years ago I went to two of them. At the time, Rancho Cordova was developing the nickname "Rancho Cambodia" but oddly enough, very few SE Asian places opened as I recall.

                      1. re: Tripeler

                        I have been going to the Korean restaurants in Rancho Cordova since 1979, after having spent one year living in Korea I had to get my food fix on a steady basis.
                        I have been to OZ, it is good, seems a little westernized for me and is not visually appealing to me because of the cavernous interior.
                        The place I have been returning to on a regular basis to is the "Korea House," but lately I have started to go to the "Pine Tree House" and really love their Pork Bulgoki and their Kimchi.
                        There are numerous other Korean places in this area, all of them good, these two happen to be my favorites.
                        There is also a big store nearby, located right off Zinfandel and Olson, it is called "Koreana Plaza" that specialized in Korean food and related items as well as in Ukrainian specialties, such as more kinds of Vodka that I have ever seen, and some Mexican items.
                        I went there some time ago, found it interesting and will go to check it out some more.
                        Have fun trying out this kind of food,it is wonderful.
                        I do remember the "Rancho Cambodia" label years ago, don't know where this came from, there is no basis for this that I can think of.
                        There is, or used to be a place called "Andy Ngyuen" it is Vietnamese, it may still be there. I usually go to the area of 65th and Stockton Blvd. for the variety of Vietnamese stores and eateries.
                        If you are interested in exploring more check the reviews on Yelp Sacramento, it is quite informative to read what people have to say.

                        1. re: marion l.

                          Let me add on to my comments on the Koreana Plaza: this place is a mind blower, at least it was for me when I went there this morning.
                          They have redone this place recently, it is still in progress.
                          It seems as though two big stores were put together, so there is everything you might want and more, from the reasonably priced produce from a lot of different places to the aforementioned varieties of Vodka.
                          They have Pierogies and mostly Russion pastries shipped in from NY city.
                          There is a Mexican and Russian (European) deli, a tortillera, a Korean deli where you can pick up ready make food or order specific items.
                          Actually this is where I am losing it, Itoomuch to remember, I have never seen such a variety of food from Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico and wherever else.
                          You all got to check this out, take a few hours to peruse and then have coffee and cake in the area by the check out and the splashing fountain.
                          I am going to have to go back again and again.

                2. Oz Korean Barbecue on Bradshaw is fun and Mints on Olson Dr. gets good reviews though its been years since I've eaten there.

                  1. As someone else mentioned - Mint's on Olson Drive (near pst office) is very good, as is Sunflower Drive-in in Fair Oaks Village. I haven't been, but Ambiance, on Fair Oaks Blvd near El Camino Blvd, is very highly rated - some say best restaurant in the area. Village Bistro, also in Fair Oaks Village.