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Aug 16, 2012 07:23 PM

Typing on CH on my phone is insufferable!!!!!

Am I the only one who has such an awful time trying to post comments on CH via an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy)? The text box jumps up and to the side, out of my field of view as I type - I actually have to swipe the screen after every word - and there is a way too long delay between my taps and when the letters actually appear in the text box. I cannot begin to count how many times I have started typing a comment and then said, "Oh, eff this....", and just cancel the whole thing out. I don't experience these difficulties on other sites I comment on.

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  1. I am a full-time stay-at-home-mom and the only time I get on Chowhound is when I am relaxing in bed (phone in hand) or able to sneak a few moments on my phone here and there when the 2.5 year old isn't requiring almost constant attention. Oh, how I long for the countless hours I spent alone at a computer in my own office, back when I had one of those "real jobs", unlike my current "not-a-job". I could really get into CH on some days back then!

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    1. re: Justpaula

      I have this issue as well. Try downloading a different browser (try opera for mobile, or chrome if you can get it) on your phone, as I assume you are using the stock browser. :)
      Hope this helps.

      1. re: Justpaula

        Look for the dolphin browser app, better and faster than installed. I also have a Galaxy S 4lgt, so know the limits. Also check what version IOS of android you are on,. It came a Frodo but can upgrade to gingerbread, with much happy making stuff.

        1. re: Quine

          I have LG Optimus S with latest Dolphin browser and have been experiencing this "screen bounce" for years, just as Justpaula describes it.

          Sometimes I need to edit something at the end of a paragraph but when I tap to place the cursor there, the paragraph springs WAAAAAAY back up and places the cursor in a random spot in the middle of the post.

          The problem now is that Android/Swype doesn't provide for cursor movement arrows, and there's no way to scroll the cursor to where I need it to be. Tapping as far down on the screen as possible doesn't scroll the paragraph down. Pressing enter just breaks the paragraph, pushing the spot I want to edit further and further down. Sometimes what I need to do is publish the incorrect essay, and then edit it in order to get to the part of the essay I needed to revise.

          Please fix this, Chowhound. Priority One. It's insane.

          Mr Taster

      2. I don't use Chowhound from my phone, but I've seen this happen while posting to other forums I visit on both my Droid X and Droid Razr Maxx. I think it's the browser, not the sites.

        1. There is a problem inherent to the site, not the browser, wherein the page jumps up and down until the whole thing is loaded. This seems to ba caused by the advertising window at the top of the page changing size. It's extremely annoying on an iPad.

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            1. re: GH1618

              Yes, Chowhound & iPad seem to hate one another with a passion.

              1. re: GH1618

                It still does this when using Chrome, but it seems to happen a lot faster, so it's not as distracting.

                1. re: GH1618

                  I amdoing this from my Galaxy Service 4lgt. I use the Dolphin Mini browser as well as SwiftKey. No issues. No jumping.

                  1. re: Quine

                    So now that I am on my laptop running Chrome, I still say it is the browser you use, that includes Apple products) maybe the keyboard app, I like my swiftkeys. And I have NO adblock on my Galaxy S, so can't blame jumping on ads. If there were ads I did not see them, coul dbe how I only have the zoom adjusted to only read the post and reply.

                2. Hi Justpaula. I'm replying from my HTC One S, which is running Ice Cream, and using the pre-installed browser, with no issues. What version of Android is your phone running? That will help us
                  Track down the issue.

                  Deborah, CHOW QA

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                  1. re: DeborahL

                    Hmmmm....honestly, I don't know. Can you help me figure out what version of Android I am using? Thanks!

                    1. re: Justpaula

                      It depends on which model of the Samsung Galaxy you have, and when you bought it I think. The best way to find out would probably be to contact your service provider. They should be able to tell you. Thanks Justpaula!

                      1. re: DeborahL

                        Since it sounds like I'm experiencing exactly the same thing as Justpaula, I'll reply.

                        I'm using phone model LG Optimus S LS670, Android 2.3.3 with the latest Dolphin browser, v. 8.8.0 beta3 (but this has been happening for upwards of 2 years- as long as I've been using this phone, with default browser and earlier version of Android.)

                        Mr Taster

                      2. re: Justpaula

                        For Galaxy S Go to settings. Pick "About phone". Last item at bottom will be build number and will tell you if you have Froyo. If that is what you have, you can easily upgrade it to Gingerbread which will make a huge positive effect on your phone. Also try using Swiftkeys, better control of text input.

                        1. re: Quine

                          I've used Chowhound with both OS versions and Gingerbread did not improve or fix the experience of the jumping cursor and paragraph scrolling off the page while trying to enter text.

                          Mr Taster

                          1. re: Mr Taster

                            So, then since I can and do post to CH from my Galaxy S with Gingerbread, same browser with no jumping, the only different thing that is left, is the keyboard app. I dumped the native swype thing asap, and have no issues.

                            1. re: Quine

                              The native Swype was shite. Once I rooted my phone I was able to download the newest version which was leagues beyond in terms of functionality.

                              I'll switch to the standard Gingerbread keyboard and see if I can reproduce the issue.

                              Mr Taster

                            2. re: Mr Taster

                              Ok, on my phone trying to reproduce the issue. With SwiftKey, I can place the cursor at and point, just by touching the screen. I cannot get the screen to bounce.