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Aug 16, 2012 05:49 PM

Anchalee Thai Cuisine Dwight Way and Sacramento, Berkeley

Passed it on my way to BBW. Many good restaurants dating back years at that site. Anyone been?

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  1. anchalee has lunch specials (9.75) every day. happy hours (3-5) beers $3
    eats:tom yum, penang curry, beef skewers, pan a kar
    -food was very good, tasty and reasonably priced. -
    -chilis can be hot and the food borders on the sweet side. curries are bold.
    -many vegeterian options
    -brick decor

      1. re: Joel

        Thanks I didn't search far enough back and I screwed up on the restaurant getting the wrong one. The correct name and address is Ta Krai Hom 1453 Dwight Way (between Sacramento St & Edwards St) .
        I didn't find any thread about this place previous site of Digs Bistro.