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Aug 16, 2012 05:21 PM

Good Eats Near Symphony Hall

We are visiting from San Francisco. Looking for a good place to eat within walking distance of BSO Hall. Do not want anything too casual but not 4* either maybe a good Bistro type of place? We are saying at Mandarin Oriental on Boylston so is there someplace that would fit the bill between there and BSO.

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  1. I am a longtime fan of Sonsie, a handsome and comfortable spot that has both a very popular bar and an exc dining room, w/ good wine list. Food is regional/international; Newbury St by Mass Ave. Many CHs like Brasserie Jo, a French bistro in the hotel across from Symph Hall.
    Another spot, elegant Italian, is Sorellina, also close by. Check out their menus and see what you think. Hope you'll report back so we can learn from you.

    1. Brasserie Jo hits all of your data points. Cozy bistro with solid food (I'm particularly fond of the steak frites, the mussels, the coq au vin and the onion soup), near your hotel (it's in the lobby of the Hotel Colonnade on Huntington Ave, and the walk down Huntington to Symphony from Brasserie Jo is one of my favorites in the entire city. We rarely eat anywhere else on symphony nights.

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        Both the above suggestions would work and Brasserie Jo is our normal stop pre-symphony or theater at the Huntington. If you don't mind saving most of the walk for after dinner, Sel de La Terre is downstairs from your hotel and has one of the best burgers in the city as well as generally good food. La Voile is a pleasant French bistro with a way with sweetbreads and won't break the bank either. Lucca on Huntington is upscale, lush room, good food and good bar. I would check the on-line menus and see whose food "pulls" me. Have fun.

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          Yes, Brasserie Jo is our pre-symphony go-to.