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Aug 16, 2012 05:11 PM

Well Done Beef Tenderloin - Anywhere?

First, I would never order a well done beef tenderloin. I have a friend though that has tried to order a well done tenderloin in many restaurants to no avail. All the kitchens send it out with pink in it.
Understand that she wants no pink whatsoever in the meat.
The argument ensues that if they cooked all of the pink out of it, it would be as tough as shoe leather and they decided on their own to serve it with pink.
Does anyone know of a restaurant in Toronto that can cook one with no pink in it, and yet still be edible?

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  1. Tell her to ask them to slice in half lengthwise before cooking it. The thinner pieces won't have to cook as long to get rid of the pink.

    1. Has your friend had a tenderloin cooked well done before?And if she has,did she enjoy it.

      As long as she knows what she's in for,I can't see why any restaurant/chef would refuse her request.She's paying for it,not them.

      I guess they're worried that she'll take one bite and send it back.

      Sorry I can't give you any specific recommendations though...

      1. I don't see the problem here - if it comes pink SEND IT BACK! They'll cook it further.
        And you list Barberians as your favourite place - a friend of mine always orders his steak well-done at Barberians - and that's the way it comes.

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          I haven't ordered a well done anything from Barberians to be honest.
          I will suggest she try there and call ahead first. Thanks for the tips folks as always.