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Aug 16, 2012 05:10 PM

Where to Find Fesenjan (preferably Westside)? + Whats Best?

Please list both all the restaurants that you know that serve Fesenjan; + which you think is the best! And if you could mention whether its a regular part of the menu, or only offered sometimes that would be great!

There've been some awesome discussions on Persian restaurants in LA ***but I'd really like to hear from some other Fesenjan lovers!***

I used to love Kahayyam on Solano in Albany CA( SF Bay Area). Javan is really good, but I'd like some other choices.

I'd especially like recommendations for the Westside, as there are so many that I haven't tried yet. But do include all you know of, & especially your favorites.

Thank you!

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  1. it is on the regular menu at shamshiri grill on westwood blvd.
    sadly, since i can't eat walnuts, unable to review the dish for you.

      1. Haven't been in a while but Javan's was quite good.

        1. What about Ohaam? A saw a post on the net saying theirs was the best? Thanx for the responses!

          Also, I wanted to add a recommendation. I don't know how many styles of Fesenjan there really are, but up until recently I'd only encountered 2:
          a). savory, rich, & creamy( oily) like at Kahayyam Javan;
          b). more watery, tart, & sweet( less my favoriate; only example I can remember for this is a Persian restaurant on University Ave in Berkeley CA( a couple of blocks west of campus on the south side of the street).

          ...But recently I went to, I think it was the halal Persian place across from Pasadena City College( I'll get the name confirmed by a friend shortly), --& they had a Fesenjan that was darker, more watery, & drier/more powdery... less creamy/oily.

          Usually I prefer the style Javon serves, but on a hot day this was more to my liking; & I've found myself craving it on hot days or when I feel under the weather :) so now its my ~other~ favorite kind of Fesenjan :)

          Has anyone else experienced this kind of Fesenjan?

          And can folks note which style the restaurant they mentioned serves?

          Thank you!

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            How about Reyhan Persian Grill in Culver City( they had a good review of their fesenjan), or Shamshiri Grill in Westwood( I know Reyhan has Fesenjan, but I don't know about Shamshiri)?

            Ohaam no longer serves Fesenjan.