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Aug 16, 2012 04:49 PM

New York Pizza in Clver City

I was pleasantly surprised by the pizza at Rocco's on Main Street in Culver City. It is a tiny place without much atmosphere but the pizza as well as the calzone had that New York taste that so many places claim to have but never get right.

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  1. Hi flower girl - that's La Rocco's. Believe it or not, there is a place just doors down the street named Rocco's. It's a sports bar. Agree with you about La Rocco's pizza. For me, so much better than so many typically hyped LA places.

    1. Speaking of pizza in Culver City ...

      I noticed that the recently opened Abbott's Pizza on Sepulveda is no longer Abbott's Pizza. It has a different name now. And when I checked the Abbott's Pizza website, I noticed that the only location they have listed is the Abbott Kinney location, the Santa Monica location is no longer mentioned (nor is the Culver City location).

      Anyone know what's what or has anyone tried the new pizza place that has replaced Abbott's on Sepulveda?

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        Apparently the owners of Abbot's are trying to rebrand their Culver City and Santa Monica locations:

        The menu for the new Grey Block venture doesn't look too different from Abbot's

        I'm a big fan of the Abbot's bagel crust and it wasn't quite clear if the Grey Block pizza would still offer this; I'd be surprised and disappointed if they didn't.

        1. re: RacerX

          Thanks for the details... I thought it was some sort of movie prop with that awful name. Shame about the price increases. :P


            1. re: RacerX

              Apparently, the bagel crust stays in the picture:


              However, there is a comment in the link that suggests the owners of Abbott's have split and one of them is keeping the original while the other got the remaining two locations and had to rebrand. Still, I agree with Dommy--awful name. Reminds me of the old Graybar Hotel.

              1. re: New Trial

                We had delivery from Grey Block yesterday and it was indistinguishable from an Abbott's pizza. They have a nice online ordering system that worked well, but it did take an hour to get our pizza. (I actually got an email from them right after ordering and it said your pizza will arrive in 60 minutes, so it wasn't like we were pissed off about how long it took. But if I had known it was going to take an hour, I probably would have cooked.)

            2. re: PaulF

              My first slice at Abbot (on Pico) was pretty good I thought.

              Went back about a month or two ago to Grey block or whatever it's called now (culver city location) and it was HORRIBLE.

              Can't rec that place to anyone I care about.

            3. I used to like the Abbot Kinney location but I was there last week and the pizza was average at best. Looking forward to going back to La Rocco's. Thanks for the correction NeverEnough. It even smelled like New York Pizza!

              1. La Rocco's is a real winner. It is the closest thing I have found nearby that is like the pizza I grew up with (central NJ). I've tried Abbot's/Grey Block and, IMO, find La Rocco's to be much better, both in terms of taste and quality, and price. The prices at Grey Block definitely seem rather high to me for what you get. Reasonable 'hounds will disagree / debate these two places, I'm sure.

                Rocco's is basically a loud sports bar for the 20-something crowd; can't speak to their food as I haven't tried it.