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Aug 16, 2012 01:10 PM

SOS Canning for the first time not certain why lids look like they are bubbled up?

Today I canned Whole Tom's, Stewed Tom's, Tom's and Zukes and Spaghetti Sauce and for some reason a few of the lids look like they bubbled up....What should I do? Do I recan them and if so do I have to redo the cook time.. SOS

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  1. Nope -- just leave them -- as they cool, they'll retract and get the dimpled top that you're supposed to have.

    With Ball or Mason lids, you might even hear them "ping" or "pock" as the vacuum is activated. This is normal (but it sounds funny)

    The lids I use don't have a button on the top like those lids, but mine become depressed when they're properly sealed.

    If they don't seal, you have several options:

    a) Just put that jar in the fridge and use it first. There's no quality issues, but if it doesn't seal right, you need to consume that jar first.

    b) Try re-processing with a new lid -- make absolutely certain that there are no nicks or chips in the rim of your jar. Make sure the lid is hot when you put it on.

    c) If that STILL doesn't work, put it in a new jar and re-process.

    d) If you STILL don't get a good seal - go back to A -- that's about the only option you have left.

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      yep. I agree and was going to say the same things.

    2. in addition to the other responses- make sure your lids are new each time you can- I've re-used them before (before I knew they shouldn't be re-used) with mixed results. Now- I just always use new ones because it was too sad (and smelly) to find that the seal was bad and my precious tomatoes were ruined after a few weeks.

      1. If you yank them quickly from the canner when the processing time is up, they will "volcano" and push liquid and bits of tomato under the seal. Then, as it cools, the seal will fail and you will be able to finger-lift the seal off the jar. Also there will be more air/head space than when you filled them.

        If that's the case, you should top them up with tomato juice, clean the rim, clean the seals, and re-process for the full time if you want them to be safe. if it's only 6-7 jars you could also put them in ziplocs and freeze them.

        I'm hoping you used recent, tested recipes and added acid (lemon juice or vinegar) to each jar. Bacterial growth will also cause the lids to blow off. for info on safe canning

        1. The assumption with all these answers is that you have just removed them from the canning pot. If it has been a significant time (days or weeks) and the lid are bubbling up get rid of the contents carefully.

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