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Aug 16, 2012 01:06 PM

Brunch party recommendation for 60th birthday party in NYC

Hello! I'm looking to throw a 60th birthday brunch party in Manhattan. I'm looking for a restaurant with a private room that can hold 40-50 people. I would like to spend $30pp or less. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Does it have to be brunch, and could it be dim sum or a lunch banquet instead? I'm not sure how easy it is to have brunch in a private room with a big crowd for less than $30. I haven't been to Jane for years; maybe they'd be willing to work something out with you, but I'm doubting that a little. Just brainstorming here: Does Five Points have a big private room somewhere? Perhaps they'd work with you? It's a very good place and a regular brunch would be within your price range still, I think (I was last there last March). I hope Kathryn looks at this thread. She seems to know everything about Manhattan brunches and will be able to help. :-)

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      It doesn't have to be brunch but I was figuring that that would be the cheapest option . I will give Five Points a call. I'm not sure if they have a private room. A private section would be okay, as well. Thanks for the suggestions! Very much appreciated!

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        If you're willing to do a Chinese lunch instead, see whether you Dim Sum Go Go can accommodate you on their 2nd floor, but I don't know if they have an elevator, in case of mobility problems for members of your party. They have some worthwhile non-dim sum dishes as well as good dim sum (caveat: in the past, I've found fault with their buns, but I like their dumplings and other small plates).

        Alternatively, you could see about a lunch banquet at Oriental Garden. The price would be no issue: My experience is that the managers there are very willing to work with you to create a menu to your specifications in terms of preference and price (and I actually haven't done so in advance of showing up for my reservation). I'd recommend steering clear of dim sum items there and just going with classic Cantonese dishes. It's my current favorite Cantonese banquet restaurant in Manhattan. Other possible places for a good Cantonese banquet would include Congee Village, which has private rooms but requires a minimum and deposit for them, and the unrelated Congee, which I don't know to have a private room but which does have a kind of semi-private large room in the basement which might be otherwise empty for lunch. If you talk to Congee, ask about that room, if walking a flight of stairs is fine for your whole party.

      2. re: Pan

        Jane will be too small as I think they max out at 40, but try their sister restaurant, The Smith.

      3. You might want to try Riverpark, if you're wiling to travel that far east. I know they have a private room but not sure how many people it holds. The restaurant has been pretty empty on the weekends during the early brunch hours.