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Aug 16, 2012 12:45 PM

Cheap Small Ontario Wedding?

Hi There
I'm brand new to the site, and I need your help!
My fiancé and I are planning on getting married next September (2013) and we're planning on inviting 40-50 guests. It might turn out to be as little as 30 that show up though.
We are paying for the wedding ourselves, so it needs to be inexpensive. We're hoping for less than $5000 with everything in.
I was thinking of having the reception in a intimate restaurant that has a rustic/historic feel or something with a nice view. We LOVE food, so quantities need to be large. His family/friends do not have a worldly palate, so we were hoping for something home food or barbecue.
We don't really care where we get married, as long as it happens. My family lives near Georgian Bay and his in Niagara, so somewhere in the middle/near one of those places would be nice.

I was planning on renting out a museum and barbecuing, but after chair and table rentals, we might as well just find a nice place to put in some reservations.

Where is your favourite comfort food place that has a nice ambiance?

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  1. You could do it at Le Select bistro and have the room and outdoor space in the back. But at your budget you may have to forgo a professional photographer and flowers.

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      Well, if I found somewhere that charges around $30/pp we wont have a problem...I figure it shouldn't be too hard to do outside of TO.

    2. Welcome to Chowhound Sylorna, we are very happy for you.

      My first thought was Enver's of Morriston on Highway 6 at the 401. It sit's about half-way between Niagara and Georgian Bay. They have a new pleasantly rustic private function room for 50 max with its own bar and they serve glorious fresh and local food. Lunches there run about your budget level but alcoholic beverages will be extra. Alcohol service at a wedding typically doubles your cost, even just beer and wine, and usually much more with an open bar. But if you control it, it can be served at a reasonable expense.

      As inexpensive is your priority, you may have to be very creative to live within your budget. This means much detailed planning and realistic substantiated budgeting, wishing is unaffordable. You will need to get the probable number of guests defined early on in your planning as that is your major variable cost base item.

      You will likely discover most of the typical wedding places will see you as a sheep that needs a severe fleecing. However, you can get some useful ideas from them. Make ample planning notes.

      You might consider a church or Legion hall. I've been associated with both over the years and we produced some very satisfying wedding experiences at minimal costs in a basic environment. I've observed how many folks can be extraordinarily creative in decorating a bare room that transforms it into an outstanding venue. Pay most decorative attention to your table tops and head table if you have one. Besides, you will be everyone's focus of the day and the surroundings will be barely noticed by your guests.

      Colleges and universities have some very good catering capabilities and facilities too. You might check with them. The U. of Guelph, Waterloo, McMaster, Georgian, and Brock all come to mind.

      Realistically, $30/pp is about most operators' basic direct cost of operation before any "frills". And remember, you only want to deal with somebody who can afford to stay in business for more than the next year. Using anyone with less than 5-years continuous business experience is risky to your deposit and the big day.

      Make it a joy filled day and use your money wisely.