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Aug 16, 2012 12:27 PM

San Francisco Street Food Festival - Saturday, August 18th

So... If you were brave enough in the past to attend this event, what was your fav?

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  1. this year looks different. more emphasis on brick & mortar biz. lot less on food trucks & food cart vendors
    few cart vendors unless they were la cocina alumni.

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      relooked food vendor attendees. many familiar food truck won't be there. many out of town vendors will be present . peached tortilla (austin) and the arepa lady (ny) very popular last year.
      looks like a repeat.

    2. Azalina's laksa was the high point tonight at the Alemany Night Market preview. Her Malaysian laksa with veal brains, i think, was marvelous with an added sous vide egg. She will be at the big festival tomorrow.

      Also outstanding tonight was a complex pork, fried and pulled, sandwich on a buttered English muffin like roll, from Bone and Gristle Boys. Presumably, they will be there tomorrow also.

      Don't know if we will brave the supposedly 80,000 folks expected...

      Agree that the Sainted Arepa Lady was great last year... Maybe she is the excuse for me to go.

      Liba Falafel will be there also, another worthwhile stop.

      1. curious that Beijing had a booth this year as well as last. last year packed, this year one no one in line.
        this year, Beijing had their self congradulatory "top 100" photo (self purchased) at the booth.

        skewers (3) and chinese hamburger(8) was twice the going rate at any northern chinese eatery.

        this year the food fest was better organized, stretching over 6 blocks. the bottleneck was at the 24th St side. although i didn't go back to check the other end before i left.

        favs(long lines): state bird provision. 4505 , los cilantros, il cane rosso, radio africa kitchen, peached tortilla, swamp shank,onigilly, pinx, curry up now, eurotrash, crreme brulee, endless summer sweets (funnel cake)....