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Aug 16, 2012 12:10 PM

Need restaurant recs for 1 week near Myrtle Beach!

Going down to Sunset Beach, NC (about 30-45 minutes north of Myrtle Beach) for a week with a couple of girlfriends... we are looking for some decent, not too pricey places to eat out anywhere between where we are staying and Myrtle Beach (ideally on the North side of Myrtle Beach.. I don't want to be driving TOO much on my vacation!). One of the main things that we are looking for is some great seafood, especially lobster, but we will be open to trying other restaurants as well. Outdoor seating is a definite plus!

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  1. Just to get this out of the way, I'm sure you know that lobster is not local to the NC/SC coast. While you can certainly find it there, it's no different than the lobster you can get in your hometown, i.e., it will have been shipped in from somewhere else. The real deal is the local seafood, which includes shrimp, oysters (in season), soft-shelled crabs, grouper, flounder, and other fish.

    A very good start is Twin Lakes Seafood, located on the land side of the bridge to Sunset. You should also put Calabash, NC at the top of your list. It's about a 10 minute drive from Sunset, just around the corner more or less, and it's a mecca for the freshest seafood around. I suggest one of four places, all of which are run by descendants of the ladies who first started cooking fresh seafood by the docks there some 80 years ago: Ella's, Dockside, Seafood Hut, and Beck's. Dockside offers the best view of the water, but the food is top-notch at all of them. Hope you enjoy your visit.

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      Thanks for your suggestions - will probably check all of them out! Do you have any suggestions in Myrtle Beach? We will probably spend a couple of days there as well. Good to know that we have dinner covered when we are in Sunset though :)

    2. We had a better than expected meal at Lombardo's Bistro. (79th Avenue North and Kings Hwy - Hwy 17). Service was a little slow because there was a huge party of about 20 that I don't think they were expecting. But we all enjoyed it. The owner was behind the bar and his mother was seating people. Small, decent Italian. We'll go back.

      1. You might want to see what the weather is like before you decide to sit outside. Not sure where you're from but it's hot here this time of year.