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Aug 16, 2012 11:33 AM

Pimientos de Padrón

Is there any place in Greater Boston that sells these little peppers? One of my favorite tapas, would love to try and make at home,

thank you!

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  1. Somebody else posted the exact same question a week ago, but got no replies, which is un-promising:

      1. Lots of places to get them in restaurants, but the OP is looking for a retail source. I wonder if shishitos might be easier to find; I've seen them prepared exactly like pimientos de Padrón.

        1. I've seen them at farmer's markets. Not this year, but I'm guessing this would be the approximate time of the year to find them there.

          1. I see a business brewing. My little garden is overflowing with Padron peppers. Fried in some olive oil with a sprinkle of salt - delicious!

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              They are due any week now, through October. However seasonal produce has been tricky to predict the last few years.