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Aug 16, 2012 10:56 AM

Good food and coffee near the Galleria?

I am going to a conference at the Westin Galleria next month and I would love to eat some delicious food. Something exciting that can't be found in South Texas/Northern Mexico where I live. So no Mexican, no chains, no burgers. How about Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, high quality pizza...

and where can I find good coffee?

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. You are not too far from Asian and Indian. London Sizzler is my favorite Indian food in town, a short cab ride away. Himalaya in the same Indian dominated center is a favorite of others here. Both are at the Hillcroft exit. The city's best Greek is at Niko Niko's, in my opinion. You are also not far from the Bellaire China Town, a mind boggling area with dozens of popular restaurants. Here are some the Houston Chronicle recommends in the Galleria area:

    Couldn't tell you about coffee, but there is likely a couple of options in the Galleria shopping area attached to your hotel.

    1. Giacomo's is not too far from there and has some great stuff. I love the chard ravioli in sage brown butter, and the house-made tagliatelle with bolognese is also fantastic. Great cold salads (esp. the cauliflower with capers) and the shrimp with house-made harissa is also super delicious. Nice selection of wines by the glass as well.

      1. A couple of Lebanese restaurants of note in the Galleria area are Maryz's and Cafe Lili. I've only been to the former once and wasn't too impressed but it does have it fans; I've never been to Lili but I'm sure it's been mentioned on this board. There are others but those are the most talked about I think.

        On another recent thread about this area, Alexander the Great Greek has been mentioned, within walking distance of your hotel. In the same center is Argentina Cafe, a small, family run place with very good food, if South American is not to close to Mexican for your tastes. I like the Matambre, a sandwich made from a rolled, stuffed flank steak on a baguette, and the popular Argentine sandwiches known as sandwiches de migas for a lighter meal. Argentines are big coffee drinkers and they do espresso but I've never tried it.

        Caddy-corner from the Galleria will be Kenny and Ziggy's, a Jewish deli with incredible sandwiches and other fare; be advised it's expensive and the portions are humongous.

        Lambowner has mentioned the Mahatma Gandhi district. I would also recommend Himalaya for Northern Indian/Pakistani but be advised the quirky owner and setting really set some people off. it's quite informal; you'll find lots about it on this board (and every other dining out guide for Houston) and it has been ranked among the best restaurants in town by some. I also like Shri Balaji Bhavan in that neighborhood, for Southern Indian vegetarian fare, very authentic and inexpensive; it's counter service.

        For stuff that's unique and I'm sure you can't get where you're from, Polonia for Polish, Cafe Pita + for Bosnian, Kasra Grill for Persian. All very good. Kenny and Ziggy's and Cafe Pita + have been featured on Diner's, Drive-ins and DIves.

        For the best SIchuan arguably anywhere in Texas, Mala Sichuan BIstro in Chinatown. For other Chinese, the options are very numerous.

        You didn't mention if you have a car but some of these will require that or some long cab rides, but they're all on the West side and since Houston is so spread out, that's close to the Galleria by out standards!

        If by coffee you're wanting to find a a good barista, check out the post by Jay Francis in this long-running thread about coffee roasters.

        1. if close to the Galleria,,, then go to Kiran's on westheimer for upscale Indian cuisine. The food, service and atmosphere is awesome.. Try Ra Sushi for, you guessed it.. Might also consider Masraff's, Post Oak Grill, Phillipe, Truluck's. Google these to learn more about the menu and pricing..

          1. Oh yes, about pizza. What's your style? I'm a traditionalist and prefer just the basics, NY style thin crust and I like Romano's on W. Gray and Luigi's on Almeda, both close to downtown and both of which get raves from people who claim to be from NY. But we also now have a certified Neopolitan pizza place, out on the far west side, Pizaro's.


            As far as 'gourmet' or trendy, I hear a lot about Bombay Pizza downtown but have never been. Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca in Montrose is closed because of a fire according to b-4-u-eat. I hadn't known that. There is also among the current crop of food trucks one that gets a lot of raves, Pi Pizza, but I've never caught up with them and doesn't sound like my kind of pies.