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Aug 16, 2012 10:42 AM

Old ladies want good food

We are a group of 5 college friends from the 60's. We get together every Columbus Day weekend for a reunion. Since we live all over the country we pick different destinations each year. This year we are going to rent a house in Crowne Point in San Diego and are looking for some restaurant recommendations. We will have a car and want lunch and dinner recs. Great food and wine are a must. We are open to all cuisines.
The cost should not exceed $50 each for dinner and being able to hear ourselves talk and some nice scenery would be a bonus.

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  1. 3rd Corner Wine Shop and bistro, 2265 Bacon Street, in Ocean Beach will be pretty close to you. It fills the bill for very good food, wine to your taste/budget (you choose the wine from an extensive, fairly-priced selection and pay a modest corkage fee), and a reasonable noise level. Nice scenery, not so much.

    1. Well, I just couldn't resist a response to a thread with a title like that!
      I'd recommend California Kebab in Pscific Beach for lunch - nice kabobs and you can sit on the deck with a view to the Pacific. It's really more of a beer place but the food is pretty tasty.Very Casual.
      If you've had a big lunch and are looking for a nice place to sip wine a glass of wine you should go to The Marine Room for one of the most beautiful views in San Diego. Other options would be The Lodge at Torrey Pines or George's, but dinner at these places would be outside your budget.
      Wine Vault & Bistro has an excellent fixed price dinner. Not so sure about the scenery but the quality of the food is top notch and you should be able to hear each other talk.. You can check out their menu online
      Have a wonderful time!

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        Thanks for the heads up on Wine Vault Bistro, melee. Looking forward to a visit! :)

      2. The Fishery. I have not dined there, but it gets wonderful reviews here on Chow.

        Also, I am going to assume that by "scenery" you are not referring to the pretty ocean. Soooooo in that case, I'll give a rare rec for the Gaslamp Quarter but only for the weekdays, when the average age of the crowd is beyond 21 years old (I WILL assume you would like scenery that is not falling over drunk and loud). Cafe Chloe would be a solid choice, followed by dessert at Extraordinary Desserts.

        1. You're down the street from Paradise Point to have drinks and apps on the water
          Bali Hai in Shelter Island
          Brigantine for everyday happy hour...great fish tacos, marg's
          George's at the Cove on the ocean terrace for lunch or sunset dinner
          Green Flash in PB
          JRDN for drinks at Tower 23 PB
          Cafe Athena PB
          La Valencia hotel in LJ back ocean patio for lunch
          Marine Room for drinks
          Piatti's in LJ Shores
          The Shores in LJ
          Tender Greens in Liberty Station

          Dags..Cafe Chloe is great but 'old ladies' won't survive those horrid chairs..
          You 'old' gals have fun!
          ; )

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions. When I return I will report back. Since most of us are East Coasters this is going to be great fun. Can't wait to see beautiful San Diego

            1. re: Beach Chick

              Geez, no kidding right? Every time I think about eating there I consider those chairs.... (I was mainly thinking when the OP mentioned "scenery" she meant ideal scenery for warm-blooded women...;> )

            2. I'm an Old Lady. I live in Crown Point-- Welcome! I heartily second all the above reco's-- especially Tender Greens, JRDN, The Fishery. The Grill at the Lodge At Torrey Pines is great for al fresco dining and it overlooks the golf course that Tiger loves (excellent for both kinds of scenery.)

              In Crown Point, we have Rocky's -- a neighborhood bar known in SD for having maybe the best burgers in town. Everybody eats there, and I think you'd have fun for lunch or dinner. Across the street is Crown Liquors-- where the clerks all wear ties. They have great deli sandwiches for take out and important groceries like ice cream. You can walk there!

              Not far is the Catamaran Resort. If the sun is out, dining al fresco on the bay is a treat. The food is a cut above resort fare. The chef came from The Lodge at Torrey Pines. You can even ride bicycles there via the Mission Bay boardwalk-- totally doable for Old Ladies. Have Fun!

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              1. re: pickypicky

                Thanks so much for the help. If you see a group of "old ladies" having an outrageous time on Columbus Day weekend it might be us

                1. re: bigcmd

                  You got a lotta good recs. Wine Vault and Bistro (no scenery however) would still get a vote from me. But be warned, you should check out their calendar and make reservations since sometimes they are full up - particularly on special dinners when winemakers show up.

                  The Fishery is good and features alot of local fish.

                  1. re: Ed Dibble

                    I am especially interested in wine and will call the Wine Vault a few weeks in advance and make a reserv.

                2. re: pickypicky

                  It's CREST Liquors (see above.) We call it Crown by default, but don't want you to end up in the wrong place. If you like wine, definitely talk to the manager at The Fishery if you go. They have an interesting wine list, by glass and bottle.

                  1. re: pickypicky

                    Love Crest and been going there for a long time and they make one of the best deli sandwiches...those sweet little old ladies have been there making sandwiches since WW2.

                    1. re: Beach Chick

                      When those deli ladies call me "hon" I'm honored! WW2! yep.

                      1. re: pickypicky

                        I love when 'older ladies' call me 'Hon'..have no issue with it at all..makes me get all squishy and sentimental inside.
                        ; )

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          Being called "Hon" by an older lady is almost expected. Being called "Hon" by somebody younger than you, or a male outside of Hillcrest, would be weird.

                          I'd be surprised if the "Hon" complaints were the result of an older lady saying that.

                          1. re: RB Hound

                            Any male calling me "hon" is patronizing. However, any woman who appears older or less educated (or who has been around since WW2 at Crest) than I am can "hon" me all day long.

                            1. re: RB Hound

                              Why bring in my beloved boys from Hillcrest into the mix..instead of calling me 'Hon' they are calling me 'Minx'..and I love it!