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The Mughals in Burlington WOW!

The Mughals recently opened in North Burlington and is located on Rte 3A in a little strip mall between 3A and Shaws. They serve a lunch buffet every day (closed on Mondays) and also lunch takeout only dishes that come with rice and naan ($7.95 to $9.95). The lunch buffet is $9.95 weekdays and $12.95 weekends. The daily buffet contents are updated daily on their website.
Today's buffet contained Palak Paneer, Mughlai Navratna Korma, Bukhaara Daal e Bahaar, Spicy Chilli Aloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Mughlai, Garlic Fish, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Lemon Rice, Plain Basmati Rice, Veg Samosa, Onion Bhajji, Raita, Fresh Salad, Kheer and Gulab Jamun,Mixed pickles, Assorted chutney and Fresh Naan served on table.(Papad made to order).
I started with Veg Samosa and Onion Bhajji, both where excellent, really good spicing on the Samosa. On the first plate I had Chili Potatoes, Dhal, Tandoori chicken, Chicken Biryani, Garlic Fish, Chicken Mughlai and Palak Paneer. Things was spicy! Not overly so but tasty, they of course make all their own spiceblends and use them well. Most of the time food on a buffet is fairly bland but not here. Everything was really really good, Tandoori chicken was tasty and moist, Chili Potatoes had chilis in them! Seconds was Tandoori chicken, Garlic fish, Chili Potatoes and Palak Paneer. Naan was delivered hot and fresh to the table and was so delicious and light that I broke my own principle of not eating bread at an buffet. They offered refills of the naans if you wanted and I believe that you can get garlic naan as well.
The interior is bright and well lighted, tables and chairs are of good quality. Shortly after noon they where packed! Not surprisingly considering the quality of the food.

The Mughals
184 Cambridge street, Burligton, Ma 01803


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  1. I'm afraid I have to disagree. I went a few weeks ago for dinner. The inside, despite being new, was not clean and there were fruit flies attacking us throughout the meal. The tandoori lamb was nothing like the picture on the menu. Instead, it was 6 tiny nuggets that were hard, dry and overcooked. The naan was not served warm and didn't taste fresh. Perhaps the buffet is a better choice, but I was not impressed with my dinner.

    I thought I read it is owned by the same people from The Pongol in Billerica. I have never had a bad experience there and was hoping for the same from The Mughals. Unfortunately, I won't be returning.

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      I'm sorry to hear about your experience but I have to disagree with you cause I work down the street and had eaten there the Lamb boti sizzler and it was the best I've had!! (Quantity could be added but can not compromised with the quality cause you can tell the freshness) The Lunch Buffet has about 20 items under $10!! can't be beaten, I have tried Pongal they are good but I think The Mughals are the " Best in Boston", by the way I've never seen any fruit flies there and their buffet table serves the hottest food around, The place is very clean and bright.. Highly recommend it do check their reviews online for referance.

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        The Pongal now has a second location, but it's in Framingham. I believe The Mughals is connected to Raja & Rana's Indian Market, a stone's throw north of the restaurant. Before the new place opened, the market was plastered with posters announcing it, and help-wanted flyers.

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          well, if Mughals is NOT related to Pongal, that might get me to try it alot sooner, as I am not
          really a Pongal fan.

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              I usually don't like going to Indian restaurants because they don't taste as they should. It always surprises me that butter chicken is never as delicious as what I get when I go back home to India. But Pongal used to be one of my favorite places because there were some dishes that genuinely tasted like authentic indian food. It's been a while since I visited the place and it is sad when I hear from my friends that it's not the same anymore. Nonetheless when I have the craving for Indian food and I am bored from my own cooking I am going to give Mughals a try.

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                sab, when was it that you enjoyed the food at pongal?

        2. we went for lunch the other day; arrived at 2pm to find the lunch crowd gone and 2 large tables of multiple moms w/ kids who were soon to depart. my one warning to people is that they NOT go at 2pm or later. We got there at 2 and all of the dishes were suffering in small amounts under very hot lamps.None were replenished before they stopped lunch at 3.

          the spicing was varied in the sauces and there was an interesting variety of things.The one failure was the tikka masala chicken which was sweet/not good. Their veg dishes were their best, i thought, esp. the stir fried okra dish(refreshingly sauce-free) and the potatoes and peppers. They brought me plain yoghurt for no charge ( a first) and were nice servers though completely bored w/ noth to do. The table naan was lovely fresh and crispy edged . Thanks much, ferrari, for your continued lunchtime exploring and CH reporting! What a valuable contributor you are!

          1. Noticed that they had Chilli Chicken on the buffet today and I love that dish.
            Apart from the Chilli Chicken (their spelling) I got Goan Shrimp Curry, Lamb Biryani, Corn Pulao, Mix Veg Curry, Aloo Jeera (Potatoes), Palak Paneer and Daal Panchmela on the side. A few freshly made Papad's completed the spread. Everything was excellent but I could go back for the Chilli Chicken alone! In fact, my second plate was Aloo Jeera and more of the Chilli Chicken. Notice the linen napkin? Another plus is my book. They are about 10 minutes from home and I'm so stuffed!


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              I was there for lunch today, too - my first visit. Got there at 1 and left about a half hour later. I was surprised that the Chilli Chicken was milder than the Lamb Biryani. Things were about at the limit of my admittedly wimpy hot pepper tolerance level. Everything tasted rather salty to me, and within a couple of hours, my puffy feet confirmed this.

              Sadly I cannot consult the website for the buffet offerings. I have tried to get it to open several times. Each time, after it gets partway there the computer makes a loud tone and completely freezes. Odd, since I have never had that problem before and have opened many sites that have a lot of flash and animation.

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                Tuesday, August 28th: Goan Shrimp Curry, Chilli Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Biryani, Palak Paneer, Mix Veg Curry, Daal Panchmela, Aloo Jeera, Corn Pulao, Plain Rice, Vegetable Samosa, Onion Pakoda, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Salad, Papad, Raita, Assorted chutney and Mix Pickles. Fresh Tandoori Naan served on table.

                grey, this was your buffet today. weird about your pc freezing. maybe if you accessed their site another way i.e. typed the address into google, it might work.

            2. Tried the weekend buffet here today: "Chicken Manchurian, Dhaba Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Clay Oven Roasted Tandoori Chicken, Malai Kofta, Baigan Bharta, Bhindi Masala, Mutter Paneer, Veg Pulao, Mix Pakoda, Samosa Chaat, Idli, Medhu Vada, Sambhar, Gajar Halwa, Rice Pudding, Ross Gulla, Salad, Papad, Raita, Assorted chutney and Mix Pickles. " Price was $11.95, not $12.95 as mentioned above. We got there after 1:00. The place was fairly empty but looked like it had been busy earlier and the buffet seemed fresh.

              Most offerings were decent, with a few wows and a few duds. On the veggie side the pakora were tasty, with good chutneys. Baigan Bharta was my favorite dish, really smoky with just the right level of heat. It was more of a puree than other versions I've had, but the flavor made up for the texture. Mutter Paneer was fine, Veg Pulao wasn't much more interesting than plain basmati would have been. Malai Kofta were disappointing, mushy with a nondescript sauce, and the Chaat also wasn't great. I'm sorry I missed trying the Idli and Sambhar; Medhu Vada was tasteless and dry.

              The meat side of things was all-chicken today; I'd have preferred more variety. Chicken Tikka Masala was a decent version of that comfort-food, Dhaba Chicken was a pretty generic chicken curry. Chicken Biryani was okay if a little boring, not too dry as often happens. Chicken Manchurian didn't do it for me, just a sweet & sour sauce with chili added. I've had Manchurian I've liked where the sauce had more going on than just sweet and hot.

              The Naan brought to table was indeed fresh but seemed undercooked with an off texture, reminding me of a Bisquick version I had once in a long-defunct Central Square resto. I'll try the roti next time and see if it's better.

              Most Indian desserts leave me cold but I decided to sample the Gajar Halwa since I hadn't had it before. I liked it (made me think of deconstructed carrot cake with cardamom) and will try to make it at home some time.

              Overall, it was okay, with pleasant service. I'll be back when I'm in the mood for Punjabi-style food near home and/or the buffet has more things I specifically like; the website's daily listing is a handy feature. I can totally see The Mughals as a local weekday lunch spot or casual dinner. For an area weekend brunch I prefer the regional variety, dosas, and cardamom lassi at The Pongal, even with the higher price tag.

              1. As soon as I entered today for the lunch buffet I was asked if I would like to try a different Naan so I chose Garlic Naan and it was really good, just the right amount of garlic on a very light Naan.
                Lots of good stuff today! Chana Masala, Mutter Pulao (Basmati Rice with Peas), a couple of different Pakodas, one potato and one onion. Ginger Chicken, Butter Chicken, both new to me here and both very good. Bhindi Masala was a dry fried spicy Okra, I have never had Okra like this and it was REALLY good. Crispy, spicy and just excellent. Malai Kofta was OK, nothing special.


                1. I have to stop posting on a weekly basis but today I saw on their website that there were some new items on the buffet that was worth a try so here we go.
                  I had Lamb Kheema, Chicken Chilli (Mmm), Schezwan Fried Veg Rice (was OK, their spelling), Mushroom Salt Pepper (made by the new chef and even if I'm not to excited about cooked mushrooms, these I will eat), Deep Fried Peppers (found in the Mix Pakoda bin) and I love those. As with all peppers you never know if you are going to get a hot one or a blazing hot one. Baighan Bharta (eggplant) and this was one good dish. Potato Varuval, also made by the new chef, and it was OK.
                  Second helping, Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, More green peppers, mushrooms and eggplant. Mughals Chicken.
                  They also told me that they have hired a another chef that does Indochinese so we can look forward to even more new dishes.
                  The Menu states "All you can eat Buffet, dine in only" and I took that to mean "No takeout of the buffet" but since I saw people doing Buffet takeout I asked about it and what they meant was that only the buffet was all you can eat. Takeout is the same price as dine in, you get one Styrofoam container and a small one for the desserts and it also includes a naan.


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                    I like your weekly posts! I was thinking that you must REALLY like it there since you've gone so frequently :-)

                    I finally got up there a couple of weeks ago - forgot to make a note of all the dishes that day. the baighan bharta was there and it was very smoky. I liked it but then the smokiness became too much of a good thing for me. Both of my DCs loved it.

                    There was also a shrimp dish there that was oversalted for my taste. But overall, I was very happy with my lunch.

                  2. There's a Groupon for the The Mughals offered for a couple more days. $15 for $30, or $25 for $60 for parties of 4 or more.

                    1. I really like this place (can you tell?) since it's so nice to go to a buffet that has 1. Spicy food and 2. New stuff that I haven't seen or tried before. The Corn and the Garlic Chicken were new to me and was really really nice. The Chicken Tikka Masala wasn't even present today and neither was the Veg Samosa but they had Gobi 65 instead that looked good (don't like Cauliflower).
                      I had the Malabaar Fish Curry and it was excellent. Chicken Schezwan Rice was OK, should have stuck with only the roasted potatoes..Kind of silly to get roasted potatoes at a buffet but I really like potatoes so there! Dhaba Chicken is sitting atop one of today's winners, American Corn Pepper Salt. This was crunchy corn coated with salt and pepper and it was really delicious! I Another winner, Crispy Hot Garlic Chicken was new to me and delicious..This was crispy chicken in a spicy garlicky sauce with onions. It did stay sort of crispy even in the sauce, not sure how that works. Tandoori chicken was as usual excellent. I think people tend to forget that you can add another layer of food in the container that will be covered by the top. No picture today since this was an embarrassing amount of food!
                      Dharmesh (The Owner) mentioned that they will keep on adding new stuff since he has got nice feedback about the new apps etc. If you like new stuff, let him know and also if you like spicy stuff.


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                        I haven't been back in a while, but I thought this was one of the better Indian lunch buffets in the area: fresh, lots of variety day-to-day, a big selection every day, plus fresh bread. It was a hit with my Indian and Pakistani ex-pat colleagues, too. Still haven't gotten back for an evening a la carte dinner.

                        One of many reasons I don't do my own foraging: http://bit.ly/VaqrxB @GrubStreetNY

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                          You gotta be a little slow to eat a destroying angel, though, they're pretty distinctive.

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                            Whoops, that was an accidental posting of a recent tweet; I thought I was copying in my signature. (But it is an interesting, scary article.)


                      2. According to the website, they now have a dinner buffet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

                        1. Did lunch takeout today and there was a couple new dishes that was really good. Crispy Chili Potatoes, this was like Crispy FF with Chilies. Bhindi Masala (Spicy Okra) also very good. Chana Saag (Spinach and Chickpeas) was really well spiced and delightful. Butter Chicken was well done and nicely spiced. So nice getting a buffet that has spicy stuff on it.
                          Dharmesh said that they were mobbed for the dinner buffet yesterday, expected about 10 and got 50+. They will only do the dinner buffet on Tuesday and Wednesday since that's their slow dinner days.


                          1. I have been doing takeout from the buffet for a while and really enjoyed the very tasty food, excellent deal! Yesterday they had, per request, Tandoori Chicken Wings in addition to the normal Tandoori Chicken. I really like their Tandoori Chicken, it's always moist and have a nice bite from the spices but the wings were phenomenal! Tender and spicy and moist, most excellent! They have usually been on the buffet on Tuesdays but check the menu on the website.


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                              ferrari, i've never heard of doing takeout from a buffet. how does that work; they give you one disposable plate and you fill it for a set price?

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                                You get one of those Styrofoam containers that you fill up and you get a naan wrapped up as well. Same price as eat in.


                            2. After a little more than a year this place has been sold and will be under new ownership. Starting next week it will become Bombay Club. The new owners did operate the now closed Bombay Club in Harvard Square and they currently own Masala Art in Needham plus other Indian Restaurants in the Boston area. The Mughals will be sorely missed, they had some of the most flavorful food on the buffet until the chef/partner left a little while ago. Dharmesh and staff was very customer oriented and always listened to suggestions. Dharmesh has sold his businesses and will be moving to Florida so good luck to him.


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                                AFAIAC, no big loss. I found their food way too salty on both my visits there. Although I am not a vegetarian, I much prefer the food at Ritu Ki Rasoi, which is across the street from The Mughals. I have been to a couple of the new owners' places but years ago. I don't recall being either wowed or disappointed, so I will definitely try Bombay Club.

                                I don't know how good the business was at TM's weeknight buffet, but the Wednesday night RKR buffet is always hopping. I wish more ethnic restaurants in the suburban swath between 128 and 495 had weeknight buffets than is currently the case.

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                                  I recently "discovered" Ritu Ki Rasoi thanks to tweets by Hidden Boston. Its across the street from The Mughals, but you wouldn't find it unless you know its there as it is set back from the road.

                                  I find the food more flavorful at RKR, much more consistent, and better service than TM. I thought some things were good at TM, but not everything they put out each day I visited - and the service was not that great - especially during the lunch rush.

                                  I've been to RKR about a half dozen times since mid summer and have yet to have the same dish twice (except for the bread, salad, sambhar, and dosa) Although similar things are offered on the buffet each day, the preparations are constantly changing.

                                  Here is the link to their buffet menu. http://www.ritukirasoi.com/Weekly-Men...

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                                    RKR is in the back half of the Auto Supply building. Pull into the driveway and keep going.

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                                      I am in agreement with you RKR. I tried The Mughals twice at lunch and was not overly impressed. Pretty much the same dishes that you can find at most Indian lunch buffets. Last week I tried RKR and was very impressed. It is strictly vegetarian and just about every dish was excellent. One of the waitstaff circulates around the room passing our Dosas and other types of freshly made breads. The decor and location are not great but the place is very clean and IMHO the food is very good. Also, the day I was there almost all the customers were Indian which I rate as a good sign. I am going back this week for lunch with an Indian friend.