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Aug 16, 2012 10:27 AM

Uchi Houston

Well, I completed my 52nd trip around the sun yesterday.

We had done a small family dinner at Mancuso's on Sunday night for their fried chicken. (Best in town.)

So last night, my brother and a couple of friends and I hit Uchi. Had reservations for nine and were promptly seated about five after.

Our waitperson, Vanessa was charming and helpful. (Thank you ma'am.)

We ordered a bunch of stuff and shared so I tried everything, including:

Oyster App - (Delish and briny)
Machi Cure - (Smoked hamachi "nachos")
Zero Sen Roll - (Yellowtail Roll)
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts - (Really good.)
Pitchfork Roll - (Beef roll. Probably my least favorite)
Hot Rock - (Meh. Interesting presentation and preparation, but just...meh.)
Tempura Hanna - (Fried Cauliflower. Good, but a little flat without the chili, (yeah, I'm looking at you OBD)
Sasami Yaki - (Marinated Yakitori style chicken. Excellent and moist.)
Hamachi Nabe - (Fried rice dish - served in a sizzling hot bowl - make sure you let it cook long enough. The first try was good but the "seconds" were awesome.)
Sake Nigiri - (Salmon)
Hamachi Nigiri - (My favorite thing!)
Nasu Nigiri - (Eggplant - gratis!)
Avocado Nigiri - (also gratis)
Okashi - (Cantaloupe sherbert with almonds, semi-frozen custard. Also gratis.)

That, my friends, was a tasting.

I won't eat there every week, or even every month. But it is a great place, and the food is unique, creative and well-executed.

I recommend.

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  1. Great to hear! We just made a reservation there to celebrate our anniversary next month. I've looked at the menu several times but there are way too many great-looking options ... I think we're just going to have to wing it. I've heard the service is pretty knowledgeable (and you mention your server was helpful) so I'm hoping they'll be able to provide some guidance.

    1. Finally went to Uchi and had many of these things. Still don't get the price differential as between Uchi and other sushi places, crazy prices. $18 for 4 bites of pork belly...I did like this fried onion. And the brussels sprouts were tasty. Price though? Out of the stratosphere. Definitely an expense account place. Can't get Felix out of my head while there. Enchilada plate anyone?