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Aug 16, 2012 09:15 AM

Fried Clams in Maine

Any suggestions for places that have good fried clams (preferably one that gives you an option of crumb or batter) with outdoor seating - a dog friendly place and a nice view would be nice to haves. Anywhere between Portland and Bar Harbor.

I used to enjoy going to Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster but their service has been horrible the past two years I've gone there. I'm sad about this b/c I did love their clams and onion rings.


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    1. That's easy - Five Island Lobster in Georgetown - Quite possibly the best fried clams I've ever had, all with an unmatched view - (Not sure about the dog part, but seating is at outdoor picnic tables). I doubt you'll find any better - anywhere (weather permitting).

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        Fisherman's Grill on Forest Ave in Portland has fabulous fried clams and very inexpensive with very large servings..... Way-Way-Way ahead of Susan's Fish & Chips in quantity and quality.

      2. very fond of fried clams and everything else at Jordan's in ellsworth

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          Jordan's and a little further up Rt.1, Tracy's, in Sullivan (Plus it is BYOB.).

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            Keg its about time we heard from you.Glad to have you back!

            1. re: LeRique

              Thanks, I'm back in New Mexico after spending June & July in Ellsworth and Tunk Lk. Lobster was so cheap, I was given whole crates of lobster and crab for free. Lobser tacos? Be back next June. On a green chile binge right now!

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                I'm heading to Tunk Lake tomorrow for a few days with a couple of my great women friends. Where'd you get the free lobsters & crabs? Wondering if the restaurants have closed for the season. What restaurants should we put on our "don't miss" list? I'm hoping Tracy's is open.

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                  Tracy's is closed but just before they did, they put up a lovely new sign on the roof. Jordan's has closed, too. Joshy's was still open last week, but it's Joshy's. Chester Pike's is open, bless 'em.
                  Dunno, you may just have to cook your own.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    This has to be the most beautiful time of year here at Tunk Lake. So surprised to find so many restaurants already shut down.