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Aug 16, 2012 09:13 AM

opinions wanted! catering decisions, montclair, nj

hi guys,

i'm hosting a 30th birthday BBQ for my fiance and rented the upstairs room of his favorite pub. we're set for drinks, but the pub doesn't offer any food for events.

the fiance really likes good old fashioned comfort food, and especially BBQ.

the problems:

-we won't have access to a kitchen as the pub, so all prep will have to be done beforehand, and the food will have to stay in an edible state just being in a tray over a sterno or in a warming tray.

-this isn't a sit down dinner, but more a late night cocktail party. i want to have food on hand, and especially the food he likes, but i want it to be easy food people can pick up from a buffet and will be able to eat standing up if necessary (which makes his beloved BBQ a problem).

the party is in montclair, NJ. does anyone have any suggestions for caterers or food to have on hand? i'm new to this and want everything to go well :)


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  1. Hi Jenny,

    Some friends and I have an amateur bbq team. We do some competitions, kind of like BBQ pit masters if you've ever seen that, but have done a few events similar to yours as well. Things like pulled pork we would smoke overnight beforehand, the problem would be re-heating at your event. Does the bar have a backyard they would let you use? Just enough space to set up a small smoker? Smaller items like chicken wings would be done at the time of the event but pose the same problem as re-heating; available space.

    I don't have any suggestions for you, but I know we'd be interested. Sorry for soliciting you on a public forum, couldn't figure out how to send a private message.

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      I saw this post. Do you still do that sort of thing? I'm having a party in June and am interested! Call me at 212 512-7134 nina

    2. Eight Hills Caterers in Verona does a great job with catering BBQ's. It's close by.

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      1. We went to a house party in Montclair that was catered by The Wood Pit, that great barbeque spot on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. The food was so, so wonderful. Keep them on your short list as well.

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          The Wood Pit link is included in this Yelp review page of their great place...and Yelpers are quite critical of restaurants:

        2. For real BBQ, Wood Pit is the place to go. Brisket. Ribs. Chicken. Awesome sides as well. Yum.