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Aug 16, 2012 08:15 AM

America's Best Sandwich - Any thoughts?

What are your thoughts and comments on the series and the outcome. I am pleased to see Philly get the nod. I enjoyed the introduction to other sandwiches. Mayo and ketchup on a cheesesteak, really?

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  1. had to laugh at alan richmond's choice of dinic's roast pork sandwich as best sandwich in america,when most philadelphians would agree its not even as good as the one john's roast pork makes.Even the cheesteak sandwich john's makes was rated 6th best sandwich!Kudos to all the contestants.

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    1. re: travlnmike

      Alan Richman writes for GQ about food and has been doing it for decades. Adam Richman is the young guy who has stuffed excessive pounds of food down his gullet in various restaurants around the country.

      1. re: travlnmike

        Congrats to DiNic's. Now they need to expand to Deliah's digs...

      2. It's a damn good sandwich, but I personally like the Italian pulled pork with longs hots and sharp provolone even better. John's is ridiculously good as well, but I like the rolls that Dinic's uses better than John's. Either way it's splitting hairs. As far as the other two finalists, two chicken sandwiches? Really? I'm sure they're good, but chicken vs. pork just isn't a fair fight.

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        1. re: Cheesesteak

          I think they both use rolls from Carangi. Can anyone verify that?

          1. re: ShakenNotStirred

            I know that John's does (He said it in the show and I have seen deliveries there). Even though Michael Klein stated that DiNic's does as well in his article, he also reported that there were 28 contenders in the contest when there were actually 32, so who knows what is correct.

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              For the moment DiNic's uses only Carangi rolls but in the past has tried others. It's a great sandwich and I have eaten more than a few of them. Their brisket never seems to get much mention (except by a local critic a few years ago) and is very good too.

              1. re: ShakenNotStirred

                If they use the same rolls and I just said that I like one place's rolls over the other, then I'm putting myself on roast pork probation for at least 24 hours. Either that or I need to do a side by side tasting. Sounds like option #2 would be the better way to go...

                1. re: Cheesesteak

                  No.. you don't have to do that, once they get the rolls, how they store them has very much to do with the texture and flavor

                  if they're sitting in plastic bags, the outside gets soft and loses it's nice crunch if they're sitting out uncovered at all, then they get stale
                  either way, they can pick up flavors if not kept properly

                  keeping the rolls p

                  1. re: cgarner

                    DiNic's gets fresh rolls delivered every morning in paper grocery bags.

              2. re: Cheesesteak

                That was my feeling too. I think the chicken sandwiches relied too heavily on the toppings and the sauce, where the pork can stand on its own with or without the cheese and rabe. I also think that some of the other "finalists" looked much better than the chicken sandwiches (namely, the lobster roll, the po boy, and the Italian beef).

              3. It didn't take us long to figure out that Dinic's was going to win. At some point Richman says that the whole competition is really about what he likes... and he's been wearing Dinic's shirts on his show for years. It's not a recent love affair. But, also, yes, my husband agrees with you, Cheesesteak, that chicken vs pork was not a fair fight!

                Also, I think there is a split, you either prefer the Dinic's or the John's roast pork, but are generally not going to be passionate about both. They have very distinct differences in seasonings and I prefer Dinic's, but I could see how someone might prefer the other.

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                1. re: urbanfabric

                  The other indicator was when DiNic's beat out Katz's pastrami special in the first episode (and Richman is from NY!).

                  1. re: Philly Ray

                    Agree on that indicator of future success for DiNic's. As you noted with Richman being a NYC guy i thought DiNic's would be out in that face off. Glad I was wrong.

                2. Have any DiNic's regulars noticed if they are displaying the trophy at the Reading Farmers Market stand?

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                  1. Just caught up on these episodes on tape. The only sandwich in the finals I've tried was the winning one. On a visit to Philly a couple years ago, my husband and I were sadly let down by the cheesesteaks. Poor quality, gristly meat...

                    Then, based on rec's from CH, we popped into Reading Terminal and tried DiNic's. Not only was the pork sandwich a huge winner, but the brisket was as well. The meat was cooked well, and sauces/gravy on top gave great extra flavor.

                    Although the prize is somewhat dubious considering it is just one man's opinion, I think it was a great choice!