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Aug 16, 2012 08:14 AM

Need place for latish (9 - 9:30pm) dinner within easy taxi drive from Convention Center

I"ll be in town Aug 18 - 22 - need a place for Sun pm for a latish (arriving around 9) dinner - any cuisine (but Italian would be good!) Moderately / not too too spendy - Any thoughts appreciated - thanks!

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  1. You are very close to Chinatown. I would probably recommend Vietnam or Vietnam Palace as an easy choice.

    A quick walk down 13th street and you have several fine restaurants to choose from, including Barbuzzo (italian/mediteranean), Jamonera (tapas) or Zavino (artisan pizza and wine bar.)

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    1. re: cwdonald

      I second zavino. but it's very tight in there.

      1. re: BelgianBeerMistress

        BBM, you make a good point about Zavino, do you have any idea if it slows down at a particular time?

        1. re: cwdonald

          I doubt Zavino would be all that crowded that time on a Sunday night. And you could always eat at the bar. It's really good there.

      2. re: cwdonald

        I bet at that time on a Sunday night you could walk into all three of those places, especially if you're on your own. I haven't tried Jamonera, but I've been to the other two, Zavino being slightly more casual (in price/atmosphere/menu) than Barbuzzo. Maybe in that it just takes itself less seriously. But you can't really lose on that corridor. Even if you decide you just want to eat gelato at Capogiro and get a beer at Fergie's for dinner.

        1. re: urbanfabric

          This won't help the OP because they're not open for dinner on Sundays, but on the topic of "can't lose on that corridor" I tried The Corner (a couple doors north of Lolita) for the first time recently and liked it a lot.

          1. re: Buckethead

            What did you get? I went for dinner a couple months ago and everything we ate fell flat. I remember getting the salt cod hushpuppies, mac and cheese and collard greens.. the green were notably bad. The cocktail I had (Penicillin) was ok but definitely worst rendition I've had in town.

            1. re: barryg

              We had totally different things: fried pickles, the KC rib special, a fried green tomato appetizer. The rib dish was very good, served with a nice german potato salad and fresh cole slaw. It wasn't my new favorite place in the city or anything but I'd go back.

            2. re: Buckethead

              It looks like they are open until 10 on Sundays.

        2. there's also Opa - a Greek place near Capogiro - also walking distance. Very cool vibe, pretty people and good food.