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Aug 16, 2012 08:00 AM

Restaurant Suggestions

I'm going to Houston next week and I'm looking for some restaurant suggestions.

I've been to Houston a few times and have loved Reef, Benjy's, Tafia, and I'm looking for suggestions along those lines. Please no steakhouse, bbq, or Mexican /Tex-Mex suggestions.


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  1. Have you tried Uchi?

    Make reservations now. I suggest trying to get the sushi bar if dining alone.

    How about Sorrel Urban Bistro?

    I haven't been, but my brother, (OtherBrotherDarrell to you guys), likes it and I trust him.

    Enjoy your visit.

    1. If you do not have a car, Alexander the Greek is literally a block from the Galleria (never had a bad meal there) and they have entertainment on the weekends.

      I will second Niko Nikos as another Greek treat but some distance away.

      What are you looking for?

      1. Monica Pope just closed T'afia and reopened it as Sparrow Bar + Cookshop this week. I understand it's a slightly different concept, but not sure how different-- might be worth checking out.

        Was someone else on here mentioning Roost recently? I think it's sort of in the same vein as some of the places you mentioned, though I have never been.

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          I mentioned Roost in response to a simlar inquiry. Have been several times and always enjoyed it, and I concur that it is in a similar vein with the past locations, although even lower key and more of a neighbordood place. Great food, service and small/intimate. I also wholeheartedly concur with Uchi and Sorrel. You may also want to check the special menus at some of these and other locations for the Houston Restaurant weeks, which will be going on when you visit--2 course lunches for $20 and 3 (sometimes 4) courses at dinner for $35. We will soon be trying the 4 course dinner at Soma, based on solid reports. Have done the diner at Sorrel and thought it was great. Let us know what you decide to do and how you fare (pun intended).

        2. So, Miffy504, where did you go and how did you like it?

          And, just out of curiosity, why "no steakhouse, bbq, or Mexican/Tex-Mex suggestions"?

          Is because you don't care for those, or because you get lots of that where you're from?

          And where are you from?