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Aug 16, 2012 07:30 AM

Brunch/Lunch Suggestions: Looking to take customers out Pre-Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday

Hi, I am looking for a good place to take about 10 customers (IT folk) for brunch or lunch before a Cowboys game. It would be great to be somewhat near stadium but since the group will be driving together we can manage a place that is within ~15-20 mile driving distance. I am out of state and would really appreciate the help!!

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  1. Bishop Arts is well within your 15-20 mile drive distance, however, on football Sunday, I'd allow a generous amount of time for the drive.

    Bishop Arts offers many restaurants at different price points, any of which would be a great selection - Tillman's, Hatties, Glorias are but a few that offer brunch.

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      thanks for the suggestions! I have heard about traffic being pretty bad to stadium will definitely keep that in mind

    2. Smoke does a very popular brunch, too. One of the best in town and less traffic to contend with than in the Bishop's Arts area.
      Only a block or two from I-30 off at Sylvan. Maybe 10 miles east of Arlington. Make reservations soon! They're usually packed for Sunday brunch.

      1. Since you are from out of state, you may not be familiar with the fact that the stadium(aka. Jerryworld, The Deathstar) is really not in close proximity of anything Dallas. I would recomend staying in Arlington as traffic can be a beast. There are a lot of chain resturants around the area and alot of them have shuttle service to the game. Boomerjacks is great, but not sure if it's quite the "brunch" spot more of a bar with better than average food. There's a neat place down Collins called Southern Recipes grill that could be a unique place for your group. Great homey breakfast and bloody mary's and a fantastic porch (all though it's probably a tad hot for now, especially for non-Texans!) Arlington also just got some new locations of Twisted Root, Fuzzy's Tacos and Babes, which would be good for a group.

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          Thanks for the response. The game is Oct 1st, so maybe it will be cool by then. Customers will be Texans!

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              I'm afraid if they go to Babe's they will need a big fat nap before the game!! Food coma!

          1. Smoke is the best option as mentioned above. The menu has something for through it.
            It can be a challenge taking out a group of people who may not know very well. You'll want to make sure the menu isn't limiting like Babe's. And I'm guessing you want something nicer than a counter service place (Fuzzy's, Twisted Root).

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            1. re: pepper131

              Babe's limited?? lol I wouldn't consider choices of fish, chicken or beef limiting, with choices of smoked or fried chicken.

            2. One of the most popular places is Olenjack's Grille, just minutes from the stadium. They offer free valet parking for customers going to the games. They are one of the top 3 restaurants we like in Arlington. You can get more info and view the menu here:

              Nice pre-game brunch every Sunday!
              Enjoy the game!

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                I'd like to add to my comment above. We love Ollenjack's Grille, however, we were very disappointed at the brunch yesterday. I checked out their website and it showed a copious amount of food items in the brunch menu. Needless to say, it was very misleading. What you get for the price and quality is not worth it. You could do better by going to La Madeline, a couple of miles north on Collins. Breakfast served all day and at half price of what we paid!

                For a good brunch in north Arlington, we'll have to wait until the opening of Blue Mesa in November at Lincoln Square and hope that they will have a similar brunch as the one in their location in Ft Worth, near the Woodshed.

                1. re: hugh1

                  I was VERY disappointed the one time I went to their Thanksgiving spread (pre-Cowboy game) - most trays were left empty, or grossly near and uninvitingly empty - then there was the matter of food being dripped/dropped all over the serving tables, sticky/dirty serving pieces - just unappealing in general. My appetite had diminished such by the time I reached my table, I didn't even care to eat the meagerly amount on my plate.

                  Judging from those who were obviously enjoying themselves and the food lines, I believe the Thanksgiving buffet, as well as Sunday buffets are designed with the rowdier side of Cowboy fan/attendees in mind. Just my opinion.

                  I've only been a couple of other times to order from the menu, from which I really enjoyed my selections, but the service was maddening, then laughingly bad - terrible!