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Aug 16, 2012 07:13 AM

Coral Springs Lunch

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that may be fun and a little out of the ordinary in coral springs or the surrounding area?

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  1. Have you ever been to Laspadas (Sample & Riverside)? They make awesome subs. I recommend the italian or the monster. Also, there's an Italian Ice place on Wiles (I think) called Cecelia's that is really delicious and unique.

    Also, a bit further north, in West Boca is a new place called Wicked Awesome that is making some really good food.

    1. I just had dinner at La Fontana - 2890 North University Drive - and had some of the most authentic Italian food in South Florida. Great Pizzas (forno a legna) and delicious burrata salad with arugula. I'm pretty sure they are open for lunch too!

      1. I know this is an old post but thought I needed to mention a new place I just had some lunch at in Coral Springs, a bit different..... Jammin Caribbean on Wiles Road west of Coral Springs Dr.

        Just had incrediblee Ackee and Cod, boiled banana, homemade fruit cake, and some great fried bread or dumplings or something like that. Everything so flavorful, reasonably priced. Please note, this place is tiny! Inside, maybe 4 people can sit and maybe 4 people outside on tables. Mostly a take out place but wow. So looking forward to coming back for the jerk and curry dishes.

        1. Definitely try Wings & Ale or Anthony's Cole Fired Pizza. Both have great food that won't break your budget.

          1. > Can anyone recommend a restaurant
            > that may be fun and a little out of the ordinary
            > in coral springs or the surrounding area?

            Yes, we can!

            Get on University Drive...

            Proceed south a few miles until you get to Gabose Korean...

            4991 N University Drive, Lauderhill, FL 33351

            Turn right into the strip...


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              CFByrne, Korean is one cuisine I have been really wanting to try but my wife is very afraid of it being too spicy. I love kimchi but that is the extent of my Korean adventure thus far. I wonder if they would be able to accommodate a picky eater?

              1. re: LiveRock

                My wife is not into spicy food either. And she LOVES Gabose.

                Yes, they have the Kim Chi, but that's just one out of about ten bonchon (free apps) they will bring out. And the vast majority are not HOT at all.

                For example, here's a random list of typical bonchon with pix and description. As you will see, HEAT is minimal part of this:


                And when you get to the larger plates, it is all in your hands.

                For example, bibimbap is great but you can get with no spice really at all if you like.


                The service at Gabose is beyond good, it is truly memorable. They go way out of their way to accommodate newcomers. Just ask... and they will lead the way.

                1. re: CFByrne

                  Another +1 for Gabose. I love the flavors and if you like to be interactive with your food its great - large boiling cauldrons of hot soup and grill your own meats. The food can be as mild as you want it but also as spicy as you want it.

                  For those who want mild food, consider the Bibimbap, a big Korean pancake with vegetables, BBQ your on meat, or Chap Chae (Gabose is the best I have ever had).