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Aug 16, 2012 06:24 AM

Good prepared meals in Tampa?

My elderly mother still has a fairly discriminating palate. She recently moved in with us and does not want to cook all the time. Our family eats on a different schedule so she does her own meals a lot of the time. She had lived alone in Delray Beach. If anyone is familiar with that area, she used to love the prepared meals at The Boys on Military Trail. We have tried Dinner Done type places, Land & Sea and Fresh Market. She finds a very limited selection or just doesn't care for the food.

Is there anything else out there? Preferably in North Tampa area but will go further if needed

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    Not sure if this helps, but they do have some prepared foods, mostly known for their meats, deli, and the most extensive line of italian/latin products Ive ever seen in one place.

      1. Thank you for the mention below. Our mission is to bring healthy, fine dining to your dinner table at reasonable prices.

        Anthony & Elke
        Reservations Gourmet To Go

        1. Whole Foods will deliver in most areas, and they do some very nice prepared meals.

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