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Aug 16, 2012 05:58 AM

Hot Pepper Relish @ White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City?

I am obsessed with finding the green Hot Pepper Relish they serve on subs at the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City. I'm pretty sure they don't make it in house.

By some miracle does anyone know the brand?

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  1. If you find out lemme know. It's the best !!!

    1. I've not had that particular relish, but it is like a fine dice of pickled jalapeno peppers? If so, take a look at this website. I buy it retail in California, but it's available for purchase online:

      1. I have it in my fridge and use it all the time. I buy it at my local Foodtown in Smithville, Atlantic County.

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          ...By some miracle does anyone know the brand?

          1. re: fourunder

            Watch out here comes a miracle...look at the 2nd post above this one and the website of the manufacturer is posted.

            1. re: PineyPower

              Sorry for the confusion.....but your post was not a direct response to critter's.

              I've had the relish and I do not believe it's made from Jalapenos

              1. re: PineyPower

                Thank you, PineyPower-- that looks like the relish, but I agree with fourunder-- I don't think it's made out of jalapenos. Thanks so much for the info, though. It might be worth trying these just in case I'm wrong!

                1. re: turboterp

                  Cherry Peppers......I've had it all green and sometimes with red mixed in. I always get extra souffle cups too.....