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Aug 16, 2012 05:44 AM

Casual lunch Old Mtl

I want to take an employee to lunch today in Old Mtl and am seeking recommendations.

Budget $20pp.

Not Titanic and not sandwich shop.

Petit Moulinsard? have not been there for years but they had a nice terrasse.

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  1. Petit Moulinsart closed about 6 months ago. $20pp is a little tight for the area but you might check out either Le Bourlinger, Stash, or Les Pyrenees.

    1. Safran et Canelle? Brits & Chips? Le Gros Jambon?

      1. You could try Bistro Brasserie les soeurs grises on McGill close to de la commune, menu would fit the price range, they have a terrasse now on the sidewalk and could probably even fit a small beer in the price range depending on what you get(all before tax and tips of course)

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        1. re: westaust

          Guess I will try Olive et Gourmando as they seem to have salads as well as sandwiches.
          Hopefully the lineup is not too long...if it is may try the nuns brasserie. Is it new?

          1. re: upupaway

            Yes the brasserie is new.

            Forget Olive et Gourmando if you don't want lineup... impossible at lunch.

            1. re: Glaff

              So back to square one - a healthy sit down lunch in a nice little bistro in Old Mtl. Does not sound like a tall order but......
              Boris Bistro?