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Aug 16, 2012 05:13 AM

Boom, Westbrook, CT (Long)

Was here last night for a Ladies Night with a group (five of us.) We had planned this last month thinking the deck would be perfect in August. None of us had been before.
The place is fairly hidden, I was surprised how far in off the road the marina goes, beautiful setting. We had reservations but clearly didn't need them. We started on the covered deck, once the storm rolled in we moved inside as the lightening was close and making some nervous.
Took us a while to get our drinks. I had a fairly tasty, yet lacking in vodka, Bloody Mary. We started with the Very Thin Onion Rings For the Table which can with a dipping sauce (aioli-ish,) This is dubbed on the menu as 'a New York Times favorite.' We also had for a starter Cedar-Planked roasted Brie, and Tuna Tartar drizzled with wasabi aioli. The onion rings were crispy, but scant onion taste as they were so thin. Basically a thin piece of batter with some onion flavor. The Brie was ok, wasn't served with much bread for the amount of Brie, we agreed the planking and grilling didn't seem to make a big difference, tasty, but it's Brie, hard to ruin. The tuna tartar was good and fresh, for $16 we expected a bit more of the tuna and less of the Asian slaw it was served with.
Moved on to Fried Narragansett Oysters and Crispy Shrimp drizzled with a citrus wasabi. Both were served hot, and crispy. They both had a bit too much breading for the size of the shellfish. The oysters inside the breading were sweet and tasty, the shrimp was ok, fairly bland.
After eating so much fried food we moved on to the pear salad with greens, Gorgonzola cheese and carmelized walnuts, it was good.
Next was the Lobster Risotto ($32.75.) Surprisingly came with a great deal of seafood (small lobster claws, scallops, shrimp and mussels) though the seafood was a bit bland. Had a very mild sauce with peas, some cheese melted on top which had very little flavor at all. Some white rice was tossed in, not a risotto.
Dessert we ordered a limincello mousse/parfait and what we were told was a house-made flourless chocolate cake. The limincello mousse was an utter disappointment with at least 3 inches of the liquor sitting in the bottom of the champagne flute. Chocolate cake was good, but not great.

Overall we found it to be expensive for mediocre food, mediocre service. We won't be back for dinner, possibly drinks and apps only.

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  1. Ate at Boom last night. Food was decent, but then I wasn't picking up the tab. Service was good, but not amazing.

    The reason I'm bothering to post is the odd and unpleasant way our Boom experience started. The place is located in a boatyard. To get in after hours there is a security gate. I'm sure the place is jumping in the summer, but at six or so yesterday when we showed up, there wasn't much boaty going on. It was quiet. We pull up to the gate and the security kiosk is empty. There is a small notice with an intercom with instructions to push the button. We do. We push it and push it and push it. We talk in to it. Nothing. We call the restaurant. We wait. I get out of the car and look around. No sign of anything. I go up to the gate and test it to see if we can lift it. This, apparently, finally inspires the security guard to come and let us in. He is NOT gracious about it. In fact, he lectures us and tells us that if the gate should break, that's five grand out of our pocket. By the time he's done posturing and scolding, our jaws are all a danglin'. Yeah, he was a charmer.

    And we get in to the restaurant and mention what happened and they just kind of shrugged it off, because that was the security company, not them. Seems to me if they don't deal with this kind of thing, they'll be less Boom & more Bust.

    In any event, we won't be going back.