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Aug 16, 2012 03:27 AM

Identify Maker of 12" Blade Sushi Knife-Is it a good brand-new to making sushi~Need Help

Hello, I am hoping that someone will be able to help me identify this sushi knife. Finally going to start learning about making sushi and the one thing I do know is that you need a great knife but I am not sure at all if this is going to help me in my endeavor?
Many Thanks to all for your help...

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  1. I am very certain it is the Fujiwara brand, as you can see the main two Kaji characters are the same:

    The three small characters state that this is made of special steel, but I believe it is the HKV series, so it is made of VG-1 steel (I doubt it is VG-10), as suggested here:

    In my opinion, it should be a good enough knife to start to learn about making sushi, but it is not among the best. Usually speaking a shirogami (white) steel or a aogami (blue) steel are the best steel knife for a yanagiba knife (aka sushi knife). That being said, please also understand that your sharpening skill and your knife skill will be more important than the steel at this stage. A poorly sharpen high grade knife is still a poor knife.

    Because you said you are new to making sushi, I would say this knife itself is not going to post
    the greatest limitation for now. Much like you don't need the most expensive violin to learn.

    1. It is the right type of knife for sushi, a Yanagiba, but it is all about the sharpness of the edge. A dull or improperly sharpened one will hinder you.

      Post a picture of the back to see if it is properly sharpened.

      Watch Jon's lectures and videos on single bevel knives at Japanese Knife Imports

      Cannot tell the maker myself though.