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Aug 16, 2012 12:37 AM


can't find much info on switzerland... any suggestions for goods eats, at any price points, in lucerne, wengen, montreux, geneva, and zurich?
thanks so much!!

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  1. Clouds in Zurich is excellent. Reservations should be made well in advance. Best dinner I had in Switzerland. It's expensive, but there are no (or, at least, few) bargins in Switzerland.

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      1. One of the best trips I have ever taken was plotting our a Michelin "one star" restaurant tour, based in Interlaken and then taking the train to 6 different restaurants -- I went without reservations and did their prix fixe mid day meal.

        Fabulous on all counts - remote places that I was able to get to juggling various transportation forms, the travel itself on the incredible Swiss trains, the scenery and the legendary Swiss hospitality and most of all the dining surprises I kept running into at each choice. Best of all was Georges Wenger in Le Noirmont in the Swiss Jura area. And of course Stucki Bruderholz in Basel was a real splurge but worth it for a single meal extravaganza. The others were much more modest in price but superb in execution. Another sleeper hit was the Bahnhof restuarant in the major Emmental city - Burgdorf (?).

        I also lived in Switzerland for a year and half and fell in love with the food which was always high quality and the breads are among the best and most varied in the world. Even simple roesti with wurst is something I could eat every day and crave while I am away- Braunermutz in Basel does an excellent job with this simple, almost national Swiss dish.

        One will both eat and dine extremely well in Switzerland - high quality still counts in Switzerland though they have had a heavy immigrant infusion in the past decade that offer more international variety, it also drops the overall quality as well.

        Use the red Michelin and travel around to their picks, as long as you don't use it for the Italian part of Switzerland because looking for "French" in the Tessin is an exercise in disappointment.

        Often the restaurants at or near the train stations are the best of them all if you don't have anything specific in mind. The grocery stores are full of ready made food and excellent products. And deli's for carry out are a Swiss staple. Plus one whole meal can be made from the rows of chocolate bars in their dizzying array of flavors and brands.

        Raclette is a must and make sure the place really 'stinks" if you want the best experience for this addicting Swiss dish - melted cheesa and potatoes - who would guess how sublime it is.

        So much to love in Switzerland and yes, it is a very worthy dining destination on its own. And the soft pretzels stuffed with whipped butter ... my mouth still waters in remembrance.