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Aug 15, 2012 09:51 PM

Sawasdee Thai

Can anyone report on this place? I heard big things on other sites, but somehow never heard about it here.

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  1. For years, Sawasdee was our go-to for Thai. My brother did an exchange program in Thailand back in the day and found it had dishes that were close to what he had sampled in-country. What with ownership changes, we found the quality to have slipped considerably. Last sampling was approx 18 months ago, however, so YMMV.

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    1. re: grayelf

      Quite agree with GE- Back In The Day it was THE place to eat Thai food-but time has a way of changing things.....

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        I have noted that swanky place in Kits..but have also noted how ridiculous their prices are.

        1. re: 1newyorkguy

          Maenam Thai? The food's good there. Punchy flavours. But you do pay for it though...

          1. re: flowbee

            Yeah.. $19 for vegetable curry w/ rice. That is hilarious. I make that myself and know how inflated that price is.

            1. re: flowbee

              True, but it's more of a fine dining atmosphere than your typical "Thai-tanic" style restaurant. Chef Angus studied under David Thompson (one of the world's renowned experts in the cuisine).

              From a price perspective, $19 for a skillfully-made veg dish is no different than $18 for a crappy macaroni & cheese pub meal on False Creek (Tap & Barrel I'm looking at you). It's just what Vancouver costs for a nicer meal.

              1. re: reiney

                Thai-tanic :-D

                Just be glad we don't have this chain from the GTA, and hopefully never will, they're like the Taco Bell of Thai food:


        2. re: grayelf

          <sniff> still miss Montri's Tom Yum Goong. Still never found anywhere with Tom Yum half as good.

          1. re: jcolvin

            I miss his mee krob, which wasn't on the menu IIRC and had to be preordered. The only place in town where it wasn't tooth-achingly sweet or overly greasy. Unless someone here is holding out on me, she says hopefully.

          2. re: grayelf

            The appeal of Sawasee was the great food and friendly personal service. They remembered you of you were a regular. It was a very complete dining experience. Sadly the new owners have not been able to sustain both of these assets. I do love Maenam but it is a different price point and a different experience.