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Aug 15, 2012 09:50 PM

East is East Tasting Menu

Ate there for the first time--they have a new space that is really nice and music too (though going around asking for tips isn't great).

Tried the tasting menu which is a pretty good deal..$25 and basically unlimited food. The dahl was quite good, but the sambar, aloo gobi and chana masala were disappointingly bland. The thai curry wild salmon was tough, and shouted frozen to me. However, the sea bass curry was really wonderful, and I'd go back just for that dish alone. The chai was excellent as well.

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  1. Was this at the Main Street location or the Kits one? And are we eating sea bass again (I'm so bad at keeping up on which fishies we can chow on guilt-free)? ETA: I just looked it up and now I'm even more confused:

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      The Good News is that owner has stopped abusing her staff so badly-in public anyway.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        what's the abuse story?

        this is the one on Main..they had just opened a new space three doors down from their last one. I'm not sure about the safety/ethics of sea bass..also wouldn't be surprised if it was another fish being called sea bass..really tender and tasty dish, though.

    2. I so want to like that place - they did a great job on the Main St atmosphere with the reno - but I find the food very hit or miss (agree on the bland comment, and was unsurprised but still disappointed that the saag paneer ended up being all saag and a light dusting of paneer).

      The lamb curry was great, the jackfruit curry was basically inedible (and nothing close to Vij's dish, which is delicious).

      What especially gets me, though, is the waitstaff - sparkly eyed young blond girls in bindis getting in touch with their inner chakras by serving "green tea soy chai". I mean, honestly. I find the chai out of balance for my liking - too much pepper (and I like a peppery kick), not enough ginger, not enough sugar and not enough other aromatics.

      I am also puzzled by how many people enthusiastically recommend the place, versus saying "eh, it's ok," but they're probably also the ones that perpetuate the myth that "the Naam serves the best vegetarian food!"