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Aug 15, 2012 09:24 PM

Where can I find a cheap, new fridge in montreal?

It seems like my fridge just died, and I need a new one. I would prefer to spend as little as possible, and I want it to be energy star compliant. Where is a good place to look?

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  1. always had great service and deals at corbeil electro
    i think they have a special where you don't pay taxes

    1. Any appliances/furniture stores, corbeil, Brault & Martinault often have sales of some kind on these items

      Even Future Shop carries fridges (mainly samsung and LG)

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      1. re: westaust

        Brault and Martineau also has 4 liquidation centres.

      2. MABE on Dickson sells GE products for kinda cheap.. These are often products that have been returned because of cosmetical imperfections (eg. might have a little bump on the door)

        1. Sears has a liquidation centre at the (awful) Square Decarie mall near Jean-Talon

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          1. re: jfprieur

            That is a truly terrifying semi-ghost mall.

            There are new real estate developments in the works there; dunno if that can bring Square D├ęcarie back to life, with some food shopping relevant to this board...

          2. Craig's list is always worth a try as well. Good luck.