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Where can I find a cheap, new fridge in montreal?

It seems like my fridge just died, and I need a new one. I would prefer to spend as little as possible, and I want it to be energy star compliant. Where is a good place to look?

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  1. always had great service and deals at corbeil electro http://www.corbeilelectro.com/
    i think they have a special where you don't pay taxes

    1. Any appliances/furniture stores, corbeil, Brault & Martinault often have sales of some kind on these items

      Even Future Shop carries fridges (mainly samsung and LG)

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        Brault and Martineau also has 4 liquidation centres.

      2. MABE on Dickson sells GE products for kinda cheap.. These are often products that have been returned because of cosmetical imperfections (eg. might have a little bump on the door)

        1. Sears has a liquidation centre at the (awful) Square Decarie mall near Jean-Talon

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            That is a truly terrifying semi-ghost mall.

            There are new real estate developments in the works there; dunno if that can bring Square D├ęcarie back to life, with some food shopping relevant to this board...

          2. Craig's list is always worth a try as well. Good luck.

            1. Go to Mamma's furniture on St Hubert. Ask for James. I bought appliances there that were 30% cheaper than the identical models in the big stores like B&M, Sears, The Bay etc. Also had luck at JC Perreault in Kirkland.

              1. Go with your prices in hand and you can facilitate your shopping with the internet and phoning to ask for a price.. Most of the larger chains will match the price. I have been to ML furniture, in Ville Lasalle, they are the only place that carries Haier fridges which are reasonably priced and they look sharp.

                1. If budget is an issue, you'd be surprised what you can find on kijiji....