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Aug 15, 2012 08:25 PM

Recommendation for lingering breakfast spot?

Where would you recommend for a Saturday 9:30am lunch spot where participants can linger for 2-3 hours without being a burden on the wait staff? Area of town can be downtown, south, east, but preferably not too far north as one guest is coming in from the airport. And something that's inside, please. I adore food trailers, but not for 3 hours in the summer!

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  1. That's a long time to hold a table when most places are doing a busy brunch crowd. You may have to settle for chain stuff like IHOP, Kerbey Lane, etc.

    Can't really think of a place that would take 3 hours for breakfast.
    The Egg and I?

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      Hmm, Kerbey's a good idea - thanks!

    2. I think La Madeleine could work. It's very laid back and kind of good in it's own way...

      1. Royal Blue on Congress has always accommodated lingerers. The coffee (Katz) is superb. The tacos are varied and good (seem like Taco Deli), the baked goods include Upper Crust cinnamon rolls. They attract bike messengers. Also Trudy's seems like a lingering friendly place.

        1. While not noted as great lunch spots, the places that immediately come to mind for me are upper Crust and Quacks. People seem to hang out there all morning without leaving. Even somewhere like Kerbey Lane has a wait in a Saturday morning, and i would think would need to turn over their tables.

          1. With Royal Blue, Upper Crust, and Quacks, what's the environment like? Conducive to a business meeting? Or shouty-loud?

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              UC=not as load as Quacks (it's really a bakery and coffee shop, not a cafe)
              RB = Never been