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Aug 15, 2012 07:25 PM

Italian restaurant suggestions in toronto

We are planning to go for dinner this Saturday, 4 adults, and would like a good italain restaurant suggestions,,,

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  1. Tutti Matti - Tuscan not fine dining but not casual. Not at all trendy but good quality at a mid price point
    Noce - Old school fine dining
    Buca - hip and contemporaneity very stylish better for the small dishes over the mains IMO
    Enoteca Sociale - home style with a contemporary twist, comfortable and festive atmosphere

    You'll be much more likely to get a table at the first two with such short notice. The other two you'll most definitely have to wait unless you're there as soon as they open.

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    1. re: JennaBean

      As Frankenstein would say, "Buca bad. Tutti Matti good."

      1. re: uhockey

        Buca is a good resto but I was there two weeks ago and had some of the worst service ever. I enjoy the food and love the room but sometimes, I could do without the tude!

        Besides that, the likelihood of them getting a reso for this Sat considering today is Thursday is slim to none hence why I provided a few easier reso options in addition.

        1. re: JennaBean

          Couldnt agree more with JennaBean on the Buca assessment, as well as the options listed for what you are looking for this weekend.

        2. re: uhockey

          Buca is pretty pretentious. Rob Gentile is convinced that he's the most incredible chef in Toronto, probably the country, and maybe the world. It seems to have rubbed off on his staff. Diners there are mostly clueless and largely there to be seen (it's on Toronto's club 'strip') - the food is good, sometimes great, but the service and attitude take a great deal away from the food. I avoid it, and go to Enoteca/Tutti Matti/Campangolo instead. I have to admit to enjoying Enoteca much more when Matty Demille was at the helm; a recent change led to disappointment on my last visit, but I'll try again and see if things have improved.

        3. Agreed re: Buca. I was REALLY dissapointed. Food came out cold, took almost 2 hours for our mains to arrive and service was friendly yet really slow. For $300 I was not pleased...
          I personally love L"unita at Ave and Dav. Have always had great food, great service and love the ambiance.

          1. I don't think that Buca is horrible, but I'd pick Enoteca Sociale and Campagnolo over Buca on a consistent basis.

            1. All good options above. For me, Tutti Matti is a top pick. Authentic Tuscan food that's consistently excellent. Chef Alida Solomon is incredibly passionate - she frequently returns to Tuscany and even takes her staff.