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Aug 15, 2012 06:18 PM

Good place for a catch up dinner & drinks

Hello to all!

Catching up with an old friend and looking for suggestions for something fun where we can eat and drink that's not too crazy on a Thursday night. We both grew up in the Cities, but haven't been out here in awhile. Pretty open to food type, price, location, etc... where would you go to catch up with someone where everything is solid and you can linger and laugh? Cheers!

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  1. There are lots of good options, but my current favorite is the lounge at La Belle Vie. The drinks are great, the food is great, the room is beautiful, and the crowd makes for some usually interesting people-watching. I spent a couple hours there this summer catching up with old college friends, and it was great.

    1. I just met a friend for brunch at Hell's Kitchen and I have enjoyed meeting up with friends at Namaste and Triple Rock for Happy Hours. The Sample Room is nice. If the weather is nice, patios at the Happy Gnome and Frost's.

      1. I'd head for the Strip Club. Lots of small plates, good drinks, and warm hospitality.

        1. Thanks, all! Any thoughts on Sea Salt? Trying to give her a few options in terms of price and scene.
          I've been wanting to try The Sample Room and Strip Club for awhile. La Belle Vie is lovely, but maybe a tad formal for this friend...

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          1. re: bebarrett

            Sea Salt would be fun. I recommend the crab cakes. It seems that the noise level is so high in many restaurants; that wouldn't be a problem here and they would not care how long you lingered.

            It's very dependent on the weather, however, so you might want a backup plan. There is some covered seating but occasionally that is closed off for an event.

            1. re: ChillyDog

              I think, between the line and the deli-style format, Sea Salt is actually a poor place for catching up. More logistics than your usual pick up spot.

              1. re: kevin47

                Of course, if you don't mind catching up while standing in line, it could be great. (Agreed, not the best choice.)

          2. I'd recommend a sushi place. Most aren't too loud and the dining always takes a good while.

            Triple Rock is fun, but I don't equate "catching up" with "shouting over music".

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            1. re: semanticantics

              Masu has a good happy hour. I love their sushi.

              1. re: meljohns

                Couldn't disagree more. Conversation is impossible at Masu, it's so loud. We couldn't even hear our female server! We go only when we're in the mood to scream at one another.

                OTOH, Strip Club is relatively quiet on a Thursday, especially if you can get their front window square tables, and they make you feel like a long lost and much welcomed relative. Go once, and you'll definitely be remembered when you return. Plus, we really like the strong and interesting flavors on their small plates. They never rush you.

                1. re: Rowdy

                  I've never had a problem with conversation at Masu.

                  1. re: meljohns

                    I'm curious to know when you've gone. We've been on a Saturday night 6:00 ish and a Wednesday at the same time, and found it terribly noisy both times. Maybe we'd do better at another time.