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Aug 15, 2012 06:08 PM

Great food near the stadium?

I'm an Austin 'hound visiting PHX for the cardinals/49ers game in a few months. Just staying one night and because it's a monday night game I don't think I'll be able to make Kai or Binkley's. Is there any good dining near the stadium in glendale? A few of my friends recommended I stay in Scottsdale but thats a bit of a hike from the stadium...

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  1. Scottsdale is indeed a long way from the stadium, which is on the other side of the metropolitan area. Although I usually prefer Scottsdale's more established southern neighborhoods, the northern part of the city would be a less onerous drive to and from Glendale due to the connectivity provided by the 101 Freeway.

    Regardless, if you're in town for only one night, you'll probably want to stay close to the stadium. The development within walking distance of the stadium, Westgate City Center, has a Renaissance Hotel. I know nothing of the hotel restaurant, and the rest of the development is the domain of chain restaurants. I'd say the Yardhouse is probably the least objectionable choice, mainly because I enjoy beer.

    To have a few better options, I'd suggest having dinner in Downtown Glendale, a few miles east along Glendale Avenue. In that neighborhood, good choices are Little Saigon for Vietnamese, Haus Murphy for German, and La Piazza al Forno for pizza.

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      thanks for the suggestions, I look forward to trying a few of those places

    2. Cafe Ga Hyang is Korean and supposed to be very good, they are open late as well I believe

      1. we ended up going to Little Saigon. I really enjoyed the fresh coconut water and the "vietnamese fajitas" sadly they didn't have any banh mi...

        The next day we went to Yasu sushi bistro on our way to the airport. i ordered omakase and was really impressed with what I got. Granted, I come from a fairly land locked area as well, but the quality of fish was impressive.

        too bad the game was a bust! Otherwise it was a great trip :)