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Aug 15, 2012 05:24 PM

Andy's Diner

The old Andy's Diner used to be a special place. They had a specialty called a Prime Steak that had a sauce on it that was quite tasty and distinctive.

My Father first went there in '56 and whenever he went there for lunch Mom would know because of the distinctive aroma left after you got done eating one.

It became a family favorite for years.

What I would desperately like to have is the recipe for that sauce they put on the Prime Steak. Quite possibly only the old owners would know.

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  1. I remember that sauce, and it was good. :)

    In the late 70s I worked in an office on 1st Ave south of Lander, and we went to Andy's often. Always enjoyed the food! I was just a couple days ago thinking about a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich I had there once, and how good it was.

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      1. My brother John was a chef in Spokane and a Seattle He also worked at Andy's Diner in Seattle He gave me the Prime Steak Sauce recipe:

        3 number 10 Cans of Heinz Ketchup
        1 Quart of White Vinegar
        1 Cup Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce
        1 Cup of White granulated Sugar
        1 Tablespoon dried Oregano
        1 Teaspoon dried Rosemary
        1 Teaspoon dried Thyme
        2 Tablespoons Wright's Liquid Smoke
        1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
        1Teaspoon Cayane Pepper
        3 Bay Leaves

        This make a huge amount. You might want to cut it in half or by a third. Andy's used Skirt steaks, marrinate them 24 hours, scraped off the sauce and blotted both
        sides with paper towel. Grill and top with hot Prime Steak Sauce