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Aug 15, 2012 04:49 PM

Inka Chicken

Flame broiled Peruvian chicken, and fried plantains. Man, this was good. We have been getting chicken from Pollo Rico, and must say that this is better. The plantains are really good, and I'd be going back just to get that, but I really like the chicken also. Comes with a mild white sauce, and a spicier green sauce (but not very hot actually).

The yucca fries are supposed to be very good, according to my wife, but I haven't tried it yet (she says they are better if you have it there).

I'm going to be addicted to this chicken.

The decor is standard, fast food place. Booths, and you order up at the counter, and soft drink dispenser. The staff was very friendly.

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  1. Where is this place located?

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    1. Is it the same as the hipster-looking chicken place on SoCo or SoLa or So...Fur? *gestures vaguely* I can't remember the name of it, but we passed by it and I looked up the menu at the time and the prices were about double Pollo Rico. Yelpsters loved it.

      Edit - sorry - my geography was off! I asked my husband and he found it: Fresa's at 9th and Lamar: $24 for a chicken. Wow.

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      1. re: addlepated

        that place is getting a ton of positive press, despite the high price point.
        it's from the same people are lambert's.
        expensive comfort food is their thing.

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          Yeah, but for that price I think I'd rather go to Lucy's and get a bucket.

          Actually, I'd rather go to Southern Hospitality and buy two AYCE buffets full of chicken and sides!

          It seems like Fresa's is aiming for the condo crowd.

          1. re: addlepated

            Give me $24 chicken from Lucy's or Fresa. Went to Southern Hospitality last week and except for their great fried catfish, everything else including their fried chicken was underwhelming and underseasoned.

            1. re: The Tres Leches

              Aww, that's a shame. I did find myself using the salt shaker with abandon, but once I did, I was really happy with everything I got except for the chicken and dumplings - the chicken in it was smoked, which overpowered the dumplings, I thought. Their catfish is the best I've had in town.

              1. re: addlepated

                It could have been that I was eating food that had been out a long time, I got there at 12:45. The catfish was so good I'll definitely give it another shot.

                1. re: The Tres Leches

                  The salt / pepper to taste is a must for most of the veggies and the Chicken / Dumplings. I continue to go back once a week for the (agreed) best catfish in town, the mashers and gravy, simmered cabbage (salt / pepper needed), mac and cheese (house made with cheddar), black eyed peas, and I also like his fried chicken. The rest to me is indeed under seasoned, underwhelming, and unnecessary really. Fred should throw down some hocked up spicy collards on that line and forget the rest of that canned "we don't use animal products in the veggies" stuff and bland soups and save some money at the same time. I think their patrons would be happier. He hails from Conway SC, and they know their greens down there. His bland versions would not make momma happy !!

        2. re: addlepated

          Fresa's is decent, but $24 for a tiny chicken is a stretch (as is $18 pho).

        3. thanks! i let my peruvian friend, who lives near wells branch, know.
          hoping to try this place soon. yucca fries, mmmmm.

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          1. re: dinaofdoom

            It's okay food but to me its about on the level of a Sam's Club chicken.