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Aug 15, 2012 04:28 PM

Cowboy star-what do you order?

First time at Cowboy star tonight. Do you have anything that you always order that is a can't miss?
Read through some threads but couldn't find that info. It's our anniversary and since I am a steak lover, hubby suggested CS. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I really like their sweet bread app. I would put it in the top 3 sweetbread preperations I have had along side Babbo's and Eiderdown's. The ribeye as far as steak goes, though I have tasted other cuts from others plates and you really cant go wrong. I have had the Bison as well but think the ribeye has much more flavor.

    1. Any idea what is on Cowboy Star's happy hour menu?

      1. Your post got me motivated and while I was down town Thursday popped in for lunch. I had the Chefs choice cut which was an 8oz grass fed sirloin with fingerling potatoes and creamed spinach. The steal was so good and cooked perfectly (rare). $19 for a quality meal.

        How was your experience hope you guys had a great anniversary.

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          We had a great anniversary and a great meal. Started with the corn soup, and on the waiters recommendation, ordered the skirt steak. Hubby ordered the Ribeye. The sides of the day were garlic mashed potatoes and string beans with a bernaise sauce on the side. We had a amouse bouche, but for the life of me, can't remember what it was! Maybe it was the glass of wine I ordered..
          The skirt steak was so tender and flavorfull. Highly recommend that. Ribeye was good, but I preferred mine! The bernaisse on the side was delicious and creamy.
          Thanks for the help CH! We will definately be back and try the sweetbreads.

          1. re: master815k

            I almost always get the skirt steak when I go there and it is always very good. You have to order appetizers there as it can sometimes take awhile (minimum 30 minutes or longer) for you to receive your steak after you place your order

        2. Don't overlook the game items that CS sometimes offers.

          Braised rabbit and bison short ribs were very memorable.

          Anyone ever do their customizeable chef's menu?